Seen In Melbourne…..

I’ve had great fun discovering all these old photos….these are from 2010
(Taken for an online ‘photo challenge’ – things beginning with E)

On one of those (now rare days) when I had to go up to the city – with lots of time to spare before my train home – I was able to have a look at (and photograph) some of the landmarks in the city known in the late 1800s as Marvellous Melbourne

Flinders Street Station
One of our most easily recognised ‘Entrances and Exits
right on the intersection of Flinders Street, Swanston Street and St Kilda Road.

For many years this was the place to meet
‘Meet you on the steps under the clocks’
was the saying.
The clocks are those above the entrance and related to each of the train lines
giving the time of the next one on that line
as well as the platform it would  leave from
‘In the name of progress’ they have been replaced
by an electronic board inside the forecourt

Diagonally across the road on one of the corners of Swanston Street
is St Paul’s Cathedral

photo source

This is the Great West Door from the street
(strange angle I know but the footpath wasn’t level!)

and from the inside looking out showing off the beautiful stain glass

Further up Swanston Street is the heritage listed Manchester Unity Building

photo source

Now just inside in the lobby was this banks of doors – are they entrances or exits??
Of course they are for the Lifts
( Elevators in other parts of the world)

Imagine waiting there and being able to admire the handiwork of the doors as well as the mosaic mural of the shield and motto of the company.

Then it was back across the road to Collins Street
I wanted to see the heritage listed Regent Theatre 
with its glamorous wide stepped entrance foyer

photo source

We’ve been to many shows/performances here and it is a grand feeling
walking up those stairs admiring the chandeliers and the striking set of windows
going through the big double doors
then making your way into one of nicest theatres in town

Time to make our way home and for some its time for a drink.
Well not for me – but right acoss from the station is the heritage listed pub.
Young and Jacksons

photo source

Nicely situated, ready to quench the thirst of many a worker on a hot day
Home to Chloe

I could see the reflection of the station across the way In the door windows
and wondered how many had walked in
‘Just for a quick one’
before crossing the road to catch their train home

I’m also wondering just how long it will take for our beautiful city
to once again be known as Marvellous Melbourne !

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23 Replies to “Seen In Melbourne…..”

    1. Like all cities EC ours has it’s good points as well as other not so good ones. These are just some of the easily recognised ‘Good’ ones. Unlike Andrew I don’t live close enough to walk the inner city (suburban) streets so this is ‘my’ Melbourne.


  1. yes roll on returning to Marvellous Melbourne AND for you to return to those places and takes some new snaps – will there be crowds of people – are the buildings looking even different – and so forth…

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    1. That day won’t be here for while yet Cathy. It’ll be a good one whit arrives though!
      It’s like a ghost town at the moment with nothing open but hopefully once retail get the green light and workers won’t have to work at home people will start to return

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      1. A lot of our city is like that – still – ghost town.

        Many businesses just closed up shop – all travel agents, some convenience stores, clothing, cafes, various others. Obviously looked at bottom line and realised they couldn’t manage to keep going…even in the new big malls, shops gone. I know some went to contactless delivery/online but a whole raft of For Lease signs every which way…

        Many of the shopping strips (the larger ones) connected to good local business systems offering a lot of incentives, like free parking at certain times…and public transport offering deals

        Around the country the tourist spots also suffering, trying to encourage locals but I know that many have had shorten their hours, which has also meant loss of jobs.

        Appears to be huge amount of people working from home. A friend of mine has applied for a job which always had an office, decided to close up and “everyone work from home”

        That will the same everywhere that this insanity has struck…


    1. You’d love it Kay. It’s an easy city to move around in. Lots to see – in the city itself as well as within 1-2 hr driving (sea – mountains)


  2. Have been to many shows at the regent
    The last being billy Elliot in March this year just before the lockdown
    Had a lovely meal or two
    A drink or three at young and Jackson
    Love melbourne it’s always a great day out
    It will be lovely to be able to go and spend the day there again one day soon
    I hope.

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    1. That’s it Cathy….the ‘romance’ seems to have gone. The clock faces haven’t been removed- it’s just there’s more information on the computerised board.


  3. Great photos. Manchester Unity is my favourite building, slightly marred by a former workmate being killed there. The clocks at the station are still there and are now connected electronically and still display train departure times. I must revisit St Pauls soon.


  4. Oh my, great memories of our trip. We stayed just down the street and wandered this area.
    There was a wedding at the church at one point.


  5. Thanks for the tour of the city! It’s fun discovering photos that we have in the archives 🙂

    Many thanks for your link at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week !!


  6. Your photo of the clocks over the steps remind me of a bank of public phones which were in Sydney’s Central Station. They were kind of iconic but gone now, in favour of phones in pockets.
    Lovely selections, thank you!


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