12 thoughts on “So how are ‘you’ coping….

  1. coping = fine; and no I didn’t lose or put on any weight; didn’t exactly stockpile it came in a 3kg bag which has now all been consumed (took a few months); Spring keeps springing backwards and forwards – the Antarctic has a lot to answer for; once a long time ago it seems it was takeaway packs/cans littering the streets now it’s this tiny alien usually blue/white with some type of white straps all over the place – they suggest it’s disposable, ummmm; locally Friday food parcel out in the open day – the queues don’t seem to be any shorter; I don’t need a food parcel which is fine with me…

    all in all – I’m finding my new normalcy … have a great day Cathy, whoever you find it…


  2. No I am not stock piling but I am afraid to eat any chocolate bars because once I start I find it hard to stop. I am diabetic so I don’t keep any sweets around. Graham crackers are the sweetest food I have.


  3. LOL made me laugh especially the first one heheh!

    All good here in London although a second wave has hit other areas :in the UK 😦

    I;m well stocked up but not in a hoarding way haha! 🙂

    Have a copetastic safe week 😷😷😷


  4. I’d be coping well if I didn’t have to deal with Telstra!!! Arrrrggggh!! Tearing my hair out! Trying to get sense out of them is like trying to get blood out of stone. Actually, I think the latter would be easier!

    Don’t mention NBN to me! I said don’t mention it!!! 🙂

    I wonder, too, if Telstra has any employees here in Australia. All I have spoken to via telephone or via online chat by the written word can’t speak easily understandable English because they are all based in Manila!!!

    I’m coping…just hanging on by a thread! 🙂


  5. They are both very funny!
    I’m coping extraordinarily well but things are easier in Sydney and the last few years were tough for me so with those problems sort of out of the way or on hold, covid restrictions have been comparatively easy


  6. I LOVE ICE CREAM! Okay, that’s out of my system! WHEW! Sorry had to get that out. I would hibernate in my home even if there wasn’t any pandemic going on. WELL I WOULD! ICE CREAM… should I drool now or later. hahahaha Seriously I read or hear the would shhhhhhh don’t say it, I would go bonkers until I go get some. hahaha It’s okay my kids would be right behind me. It’s kind of like needing a bandaid! Anyway have a great day my friend. hugs and be healthy & be safe!!!


  7. Those made me laugh.
    Our fridge packed up and though I had emptied the fridge part I had left stuff in the freezer compartment, which i had to remove for the repairman to get at the nuts and bolts.
    He looked at the amount of bags coming out and said…don’t you think you should get – you know – a proper freezer?
    I led him round the corner to show him the two chest freezers….and he freaked!
    We freeze our own meat when we slaughter a sheep, we sticked up on meat offers when the bug started up…and the other freezer is for dog food….they get through 50 kilos of chicken carcasses and 50 of pigs liver in no time.
    He went off, still shaking his head, now thoroughly convinced that all gringos are mad.


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