Tonight’s the night

Tonight’s the night we get an hour to do what we want with!
Win some- lose some. This time it’s our loss!

Rural humour is good humour – The Basin is just down the road from us
Yes, we’re far enough from the city to have a Volunteer Fire Brigade

And that little change in the clocks means pleasure for some – misery for others
Summer time is on its way 😎😎

9 Replies to “Tonight’s the night”

  1. for me it’s a complete body jumble as my internal clock gets the day off to a poor start and at times my refuelling habit as well…takes a few few weeks, but also the seasonal change gets into the action…

    but then I like that I can stay out longer at the end of the day – well I did, not sure right now as bus hopping around the region isn’t a little less easy right now. Yes we have freedom but it’s not guaranteed…


  2. Love the sign – we don’t change clocks for another few weeks but “Fall Back” is never fun. I prefer “Spring Forward” next March.


  3. We don’t switch our clocks back, or forward, here in Queensland. And I hope the status quo remains.

    Have a good weekend, Cathy…I hope it’s going well for you so far 🙂

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  4. Oh, my jealousy gene just jumped in—summer, I love summer, and ours is over. Sigh. Also, we don’t change our clocks back to standard time for another month. I hate getting up in the dark.


  5. I hate the stolen hour and I never really appreciate the gained hour in a few months time. But I do like daylight saving.


  6. It is funny (good downunder humour), but I’m not giving up 4 months of my life for anyone, not even the next 4 months (and especially not summer months). It hasn’t been the most fun time in my life but if I had to choose between pandemic and war ….. I know, we’d rather not have either, but wars are manmade and we’ve no effective way of stopping those, so what makes us think we can stop nature? A reminder from time to time of our place in the scheme of things probably isn’t a bad thing, and maybe we’ll come out of this with a stronger determination to do something meaningful about the manmade damage we are inflicting on the world and each other.


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