12 Replies to “Feeling lonely….”

  1. I’m fortunate, I guess, in that I never get lonely. I’ve never felt lonely, even though, by choice these days/years, I live a hermit-like existence. I’m not one who has the desire to go out with the “girls” to meet up for coffee etc. ,

    As I’ve often said..”different strokes for different folk”. It is who,and how I am.

    However, I do understand…am sensitive to the fact…,that loneliness is felt/suffered by many folk,, and I feel for those who do suffer from loneliness.. Life, too often, can be very harsh.


  2. I rarely feel lonely either – even though I’m home alone. Of course, occasionally I wish someone else was here, to cook a meal or even to just pop in at say 9pm and wash and dry all the dishes…possibly put them away! And leave…


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