Seen in Mooroolbark…..Sunday Selections

Mooroolbark, Victoria.
Hookey Reserve Charles Street
January 2018

One of the nearby suburbs Mooroolbark has a community brochure called Living Today which highlights lots of interesting bits and pieces going on in the area. Way back in 2015 it had an article about an installation in Hookey Park….the open space/play area dedicated to a local identity John Hookey.
Large metal native/indigenous bird sculptures called The Flock were going to be placed in the park and after seeing this page and associated article I had it in mind to take a look see next time I was over there at the library……right next door 🙂
Of course you know what happens when you say that – yes it was over two years before I remembered to go (or should that be put my camera in the car when I went)

You will probably need to use the two finger pinch/spread method to enlarge the article

The birds and their lookalikes
Jonathan Leahey – Australian sculptor

It was a bright summer’s day when I finally saw them, some perched up high on poles keeping watch over the neighbourhood …

Others big and bold in amongst the greenery

Australian Magpie

Just the places you’d often see them….

Australian Raven often mistaken for a Crow

Close by….

Crested Pigeon

Once the library reopens I am planning to have another look at The Flock. I’d go sooner but it’s out of bounds at the moment because of ‘you know what’ 😊

Joining in with Sue at Elephant’s Chid for this weeks Sunday Selections

7 thoughts on “Seen in Mooroolbark…..Sunday Selections

  1. good that at some point, you can recheck them…I wonder if they have weathered, grown some lichen or are they cleaned regularly…how high has the greenery got around the ones on the ground…

    hope you have it on your “reminder list” to go see them…sooooooooooooon


    1. I ‘think’ playgrounds were mentioned in the ‘relaxations’ coming into force next week so I’ll gen up on it and plot a day. Like you say it’d be interesting to see how it’s weathered


  2. What a fascinating concept and article (no touch screen here so I had to embiggen using Control +)
    Love the sculptures and may even try and recreate the origami.
    Thank you so much for joining us.
    Re the Indian Minah/Noisy Miner thing – one of our local politicians called (loudly) to the Miner’s to be eradicated as an introduced pest. She was defiant when the error of her ways was pointed out to her too.


  3. It is funny how they are instantly recognisable by their shapes. Well done you for not writing crows. While I don’t normally correct what people say, I do if it someone who knows about birds yet calls ravens, crows.


  4. I like those origami – or oritetsu – birds, and agree please go back soon and remember to bring your camera.
    I’m sorry to report that the link mentioned in the arcticle: does not work. Sad as I like to fold origami. But the arcticle itself is still out there, and easier to read than the embiggening of your copy 😉


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