What on earth….

What on earth is that…he said

Oh that’s my appointment book……Said I

Why on earth there…..

So it’s right in front of my face! Where I can see it! So I don’t forget like last time …..

OK….but which Friday…..

7 Replies to “What on earth….”

  1. Leo keeps his own appointment book for hospital appointments – luckily! With all the abbreviations and changes of date that is one thing for which i can avoid the blame of forgetting something!


  2. Good plan! I used to have a rule with three sons to keep up with, that they had to put things on the calender, and if they weren’t there they wouldn’t happen. Now I have a diary , and if thing don’t go in there, they don’t happen.


  3. I’m a fridge magnet note kind of person… right now Sept 16 is there about a potential power outage all day do with some technical replacement in the street! That means early start so I’m “on2it” all day long…


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