The other day EC mentioned a cat of hers that ‘enjoyed’ being really close to her.
To the point of wanting to spend time in the toilet with her
I was sorting some old photos over the weekend and came across this
Taken in 1984 – its me in a dress – don’t wear them very often these days
(lack of a waist is a terrible thing).
Me with my lucky black cat called Kitchy

Kitchy had the softest fur coat and the most gorgeous tail – long and fluffy
His mother was a brown Burmese who escaped while on call
– and his father – 
well only his mum knew who that was 😊

Supposedly a pet of one of our girls, he was my shadow.
He would sit on the side of the bath, keeping me company 
splashing away with his paw
all fun till the day he thought he’d try to sit on my boobs
and promptly slipped into the water

He was also one of those cats who would sit outside the toilet door
After a while he’d get fed up waiting
which meant there’d be frantic scratching on said door wanting to be let in
so he could try to jump onto my lap whilst I was ‘doing my business’

He loved to sing along with me – had a very good range of miaows.
He was the apple of my eye for many years
finally leaving us in December 1989 aged 16yrs

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    1. Oh yes Maggie- the missing years – I believe younger people think we didn’t exist as young people because there is no record of our younger days online


  1. Gorgeous photo of yet another cat who undoubtedly still has a place in your heart.
    And yes, our toilet doors show signs of cat impatience. These days I leave it ajar. At least one of our cats would trot in and make a comfortable nest in the undies at my feet. She resented being moved when I wanted to leave the smallest room.


    1. There have been many cats EC and they all left something behind when they went EC. Some might have left a bit more than others, possibly because they were here longer than the others

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    1. lol Cathy there are times when I think the memories of some of the cat antics are stronger than some of the children’s antics.
      Hope all the changes in your life aren’t stressing you out too much. How did your fish dinner go?

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    1. He had a good life Joanne, much longer than some of the cats we’ve had, a bit shorter than some of the others. The big C got him in the end so we had to do the right thing by him

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  2. Great photo, Cathy.

    My two furry mates like to be up close and personal with me, too. And, enjoy telling me so…demanding I do as I am told! My bathroom is not out of limits to them, too. What is mine is theirs, they reckon! 🙂

    Take good care…


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