Monday morning….welcome to Sprinter…

Because of a timing factor with medication I take on waking, breakfast comes at least an hour later so most of my days start with a cup of tea or maybe hot water with fresh lemon. However there have been some mornings recently when I’ve craved a cup of coffee, proper coffee, served in real cups just like at one of our (favoured) local coffee shops where it comes with one of their handmade chocolates.

They aren’t open at the moment (stage4 restrictions and all that) ……but if they were and we were having coffee together I’d just say….this says it all! My week in a nutshell!

Welcome to Sprinter….the time when it’s not quite Spring but still Winter.
Spring arrives officially in 8 days time (1 September) but…….

After the school bus went by early in the week we had a glorious day, the cherry plum started to blossom a couple of days later, it was warm enough for no heating during the daytime.

There was time spent outside enjoying the sunshine, warming sunshine, maybe a little cool at times but sunny and dry.

Then it was all change again- more cold air made its way up from Antartica bringing ‘polar blasts’, freezing rain, hail, you name it even snow in the hills. We’ve spent the weekend inside….no walks, no gardening, no reading knitting or even coffee on the back deck.

Remember the Dr’s appointment I had marked on the calendar, a necessary regular renewal one, also one for a little niggling problem that needed discussed. Timed for 10am I rang as they opened at 9 to make sure it was the same procedure as before……arrive at stated time (now with mandatory mask), sanitiser at the door, take a seat in well spaced waiting room, Dr will call you in.

You’d never guess what what I’d done, I’d only marked it on the wrong day. It was for the previous day……all those weeks with nothing else on the page and it was written on the wrong day. Luckily there was a spare one later that day……so I spent the morning reading……you really didn’t think I was going to do housework did you ??
Hopefully the prescribed medication will sort out the reflux, lump in throat feeling plus dry cough I’ve had because simple meals and Mylanta haven’t. If not it’s a gastroscopy for me to see what the problem is…… I suppose a camera down my throat is better than up you know what 😊

Visiting (and commenting) is still a problem – for a while even publishing was a pain. I need a quiet day to sort this problem out……or go back to my previous (very old and unupdateable) iPad which I’m loathe to do. Our desktop is The Golfers domain….I’ll just start to do something and it’s…..are you finished yet? So rather than make waves I’ll plod on as much as I can. Hopefully you’ll see me / hear from me during the week.

Contrary to how miserable I sound all is well in our house…..the day will begin soon……also the rain. Being Monday the big wheely bins get emptied today, lifted off the nature strip by a long extending arm protruding from a huge truck operated by one driver in the nice heated/cooled environment of his cab. Gone are the days of football players running along hauling bins up and emptying them into the back of the truck, training runs in all weathers.

I’m hanging out for my breakfast this morning but never mind that…..for some reason I could kill for a proper coffee, one made by someone else (not in The Golfers wizz bang machine) We do have some other coffee shops close by that were previously allowed to open for takeaway …….I wonder if The Golfer would pop down the street for me. I can always decant from the ghastly cardboard cup into a china mug at home……trouble is it just isn’t the same is it?

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  1. I on the other hand have gone completely “off coffee” – probably because of that Belgian chocolate powder that I’m still working my way through. It’s so rich and velvety even just with milk/water combination from a kettle, on my bench at home 🙂

    Yep parts of Auckland are seeing signs of warmer spring weather, intermingled with blasts from the South Pole and heavy rain possibly from Northern Pacific. I’ve not been able to travel outside of my ‘hood to where there are often whole streets of wonderful spring blossoming trees, around here, few and far between…

    Are we leaving L/3 this week, powers to be will tell you this arvo…knowing how the community stats are evolving, possibly not.

    2 essential workers caught C/19 from one another via local bus journeys and the tracing via the bus card system, contacted everyone but two – whose cards are not registered. So a message was put out with bus & time & dates & actual journeys…one of the two was linked to the current community cluster…
    Fortunately for me, I didn’t travel on any public bus service at those times…but all the buses originate in my neck of the woods…

    Our lives are just plain upside down, even if we think they are not…and makes us appreciate those tiny things be it the cafe coffee or the tiny chocolate gifted with said drink. Or the fact, we can just go off someplace else – here it’s easy to be at a beach, but right now, that’s an area just for local residents!

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    1. Ooh Belgian Chocolate drink would be my night time drink:).
      I’d be drinking it as ‘ stress relief’ if I knew Covid cases had been on buses I used


      1. new rules coming into play from this coming Monday – mandatory to wear a mask on all public transport on Level 4, 3, 2….also coming into play is extension of L/3 in my city, Auckland until next Monday when we will be back to L/2.

        The rest of the country stays where it is now L/2 …

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  2. One of my medications requires similar absence from food – or even tea. I have resolved the conundrum by taking it when I get up for a ‘loo’ visit in the small hours.
    We too have had wintry blasts, including snow. It didn’t settle in the city, but the hills are generously frosted with it.
    Our sprinter has been cooler than winter.
    Hooray for reading – which gives me infinitely more satisfaction than housework. There is (as always) work to be done here – but the siren song of the book is infinitely more inviting.
    I hope your new medication works. And quickly.
    And thank you for persisting despite the blogging issues.

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    1. I have enough trouble making my way to the loo during the night EC….have to keep eyes half closed or I’ll never go back to sleep. Hate to think of me trying to find a little white pill on the bench – i have images of myself scratching around on the floor trying to find it


      1. I have scrabbled around on the bench (and the floor) looking for that pill too. Just the same, when my tummy allows it, I do like an early morning cup of tea. Sadly this morning my tummy isn’t playing nicely and I can’t face a cuppa yet.

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  3. I’ve become used to take away coffee in paper cups but it will never be my preference. Sitting down to have coffee with a plate of bacon and eggs in a cafe seems like a distant dream.


  4. I must start the day with coffee, do not speak to me before I have coffee.
    Strangely it’s taken my husband all of our 32 years married to get this.
    And he still forgets lol

    I have to have a gastroscopy every two years to keep an eye on my barretts. It’s sooo much better than the other one!

    Hope spring comes quickly and we start to get some nicer weather.

    I’m on blogger and I use an app
    So much easier than their blogger on the computer. Maybe there is an app you can download The Beauty of the app is they don’t constantly change it.
    The down side was I had to spend some money. But it was worth it


  5. That coffee chart left me thoroughly confused….we’ve given up growing it but still buy from the co op which used to take our beans,although it is a mid morning pick up rather than a day starter.
    But i would do a great deal to have my coffee made and served…

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    1. It’s usually mid morning for us Helen. No idea why I’m getting the early morning cravings… I am not pregnant 😊
      It’s fun listening to people putting their orders in at coffee shops. There are so many ways to have it these days. I’m a flat white gal!

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      1. We had visitors, two elderly ladies, and Danilo, our employee, drove us into San Jose for shopping. After lunch we ordered cappucinos, and his came with a heart drawn on the foam. He rose in his wrath, feeling that this indicated that he was a gigolo, and took the waiter outside for a brief and heated discussion which resulted in his coffee being replaced by another free of designs…

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