There’s always one…..

I’m sure most of us who’ve had cats in our lives have had at least one who’s decided that ‘you are theirs’. They don’t just live with you and the family, they want to own you and you alone.

Kiera was one of those… much so she had the nickname of ‘my brown shadow….wherever I was she would be there… close as she could.

Meet Minnie ….she’s been providing my smiles recently
She reminds me so much of Kiera
(iizcat can be found at all the usual social media places)

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.
I think we all deserve a smile at the moment 😊

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  1. and if you have more than one or two or three – number four always has the loudest meow! In an earlier life, I lived in a house with a fly screen door – and of course large wooden door that no one could even tap on. But there would be a racket and many a time, opened said door to be “eyeballing” a cat that couldn’t wait, clawed it way up the screen!

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  2. I kind of wish Mr T was more of a Kiera at times, and at others (like when he’s being a Minnie and reminding me breakfast is in exactly 5 hours) I wish he would be more aloof. I guess he is therefore, a reasonable balance. He sleeps on Mr B’s lap. I probably move around too much for him.

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