Sunday, wet Sunday

So what do you do when you don’t really feel like doing anything on a cool wet Sunday?

You find loads of old programmes to watch on TV of course.

Old as in years old.  Old series from years back.

Shows with names like Salvage Hunters and Wheeler Dealers…..those are The Golfer’s favoured time wasters.

They aren’t just on air on Sunday but each day of the week.  Early morning and then repeated in the afternoon!

Last Sunday even I got high on reruns…..I watched a programme about sheds!  A competition to find the Shed of the Year.  Dated 2015!

I vaguely remembered seeing it before but the craziness of it reeled me in again.  These weren’t just places to store spades and forks, secateurs and lawn mower…..these were works of art…..costing time and money to the owners.

Anyway amongst the entries was the tiniest little ‘thing’ just a little room with space just enough for a chair (and a heater) Called a micro shed – it was actually tagged on the back of a miniature steam train and used as the guards van.

There was a tree house shed, well more like a spacious living room high up in a tree with views of the countryside for miles about.

Then there was the Japanese Tea House shed decked out with oriental furnishings and decorations , set in a Japanese themed landscaped garden

But also included (more for interest sake I think) was my favourite – a hut/shed previously owned and used by the author George Bernard Shaw…… just a standard small compact wooden shed complete with table chair typewriter heater and a bed attached to the wall.  What was special about it was…..something  I’d never known about so was quite fascinated by the fact…..the whole structure was set on a turntable.  So it could be gradually moved to face the sun.    As my grandchildren used say years ago… cool is that grandma!  


6 thoughts on “Sunday, wet Sunday

  1. G B Shaw certainly had a cool shed, well cool in the summer and warmed by the sun in the winter. I’ve seen a Japanese tea house shed, completely open on one side but of course able to be closed up.


  2. I thought about a she shed for me
    But it was much easier to just build a room onto the back my house
    I’ve seen some beautiful she sheds and some amazing man caves
    I love the idea of one that rotates towards the sun. Just like a sunflower


  3. I would love a rotating shed. As for those tv shows, my husband seems to love one called “Pickers” about guys who find treasures while poking around other people’s garages and yards. I am afraid it just adds to his desire to do the same!


  4. I love being able to binge on series via streaming services…and I especially love rainy days that let me do so with no feelings of guilt! 🙂


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