Parcel pickup with a difference

It was called parcel pickup for years… selected something, usually large bulky items,  paid for it, went off and did more shopping, then when you were ready picked it up from a holding bay at the back of the store.  You could of course have it delivered for an exorbitant cost.   Supermarkets used to deliver, you’d shop – pay – then they’d turn up later with all your groceries……online grocery shopping evolved  from that
Click and collect works in a similar way – you choose (except it’s online) you pay and then pick up in person (in some cases they bring to your vehicle)

Have you ever wished someone had shopped and filled your fridge with fresh fruit & veg plus milk and a loaf of bread so you didn’t have to face that job when you arrived home from a trip away. I know I certainly have.    And then there have been times when we’ve landed at Tullamarine and I’ve thought how great it would if someone was waiting there in arrivals with my groceries.   The Golfer laughs and says , wishful thinking never gets you anywhere, just get on and do…..meaning we’ll have fish and chips the day we get home then nip up the shops the next day.

So imagine my surprise last November (2019) when there’s an article on a web site I subscribe to about click and collect at one of the arrival halls at the airport!  Sounds like someone’s been reading my mind. Link below

Pick Up Your Coles Shopping at Melbourne Airport

Of course seeing that, that gave me permission a reason to hunt about online (aka ask Mr Google a few questions) and see if other supermarkets do the same thing.  Well it seems rival Woolworths do  and they began it quite a while ago  This article is dated 2013 – Link below

Woolworths Launches Airport Grocery Collection Service at Tullamarine

Just those two press releases – no other information on how this service works or even if it is still running.  Mind you, at the moment the airport is basically at a standstill……..very little going out….and even less coming in.  I reckon it’ll be years  (one at least) before we fly anywhere ….so it looks like I’m not going to be making that online order for my shopping to be waiting for me on arrival anytime soon!

14 thoughts on “Parcel pickup with a difference

  1. When the Pandemic came to Canada, February 2020, we decided to stay away from grocery stores, and looked into online grocery shopping at the local grocery store. It was pretty bad at first, Attila had to go into the store, people were not only not wearing masks, they were not practising social distancing, and there was ALWAYS someone making fun of Attila or I for wearing masks. It evolved throught the spring to its present form, which is great. We order online, we pickup at a special door away from the entrance, a pickup door. No entry into the building is required, no contact with the staff is required. We wheel the cart to the car, load the car, return the cart, and we are on our way.
    Now we pay an annual fee for this kind of online shopping, it is worth every penny, and it emplys a few people, all very nice.
    The only downside is that not all the products are on the online shop, so we are missing some of our tried and true foods, but the selection is slowly improving.
    I hope you find an online shopping service!


    1. I’m not an’online’ person Maggie much prefer to do it individually. I understand in these times those who use the system for peace of mind though.
      I was just amused that after my wondering about groceries waiting for me in arrivals there was some publicity about juthat.😊


  2. That sounds like a most excellent idea.
    Grocery delivery makes sense for me or a wide range of reasons (not least because MS means I don’t drive and am unsteady on my feet). However, I haven’t yet convinced myself to sign up. Partly because I like to choose my own fruit and vegies based on appearance/smell and partly because on our weekly shops I see just how quick (and without obvious thought) the grocery store’s on-line packers make their selections. Fruit and vegies seem to be grabbed and tossed. Weight is obviously important, quality less so.
    Some day…


    1. I’m a ‘do my own thing’ person as well EC. I’ve also seen the pickers making their way round he supermarkets and was surprised at the ‘it’ll do’ attitude from some of them. No, while I’m able, I’ll do.


  3. I’ve used online grocery shopping off and on for years – once I had a chest freezer and I would stock up with enough for a few months.

    Now I’ve a restricted sized freezer and I shop about every 6 weeks, pick up other things as need be…BUT can’t truly go shopping locally, right now, although I could but I choose not too.

    There were and now are plenty of online grocery shopping outlets – both for food and other products.At the height of L/4 (we in my city currently in L/3) places like became the links to all kinds of things…but also – this one, I bought all my essential food boxes from; a new landline phone (as shops closed) and more recently a vacuum cleaner!

    I’ve not used “click and collect” but that is also available with many of the chain stores…


    1. You’ve had a lot to contend with these past few months Cathy so I can imagine how stressed feeding yourself was/has been. It’s good to hear you have a plan plus a plan B if that one doesn’t work.


    1. I would have to be sure there wouldn’t be any fligh5 delays before I actually used it Andrew but it certainly would be a good option if you lived out in the bush


  4. Well…fancy that. I did not know that service was available…the airport delivery, that is.

    I never go away, so I guess that is one reason for me not knowing. 🙂

    I do do online shopping, though…for anything that I can’t purchase here locally. I find it convenient…being delivered to my door. The local courier who delivers most of my purchases is a lovely young man, and we always have a nice chat when he comes.

    All the best, Cathy. 🙂


    1. I really must be behind the times Lee or fortunate in that I can find whatever groceries I need close to home. I have bought online but never food.
      Maybe one day I’ll get to experience the airport delivery and have it waiting for me on arrival. Going to be a long wait I think 😊


  5. Just think of the business development opportunities in your ideas if you had acted on them first. “Give me your order (and money) before you leave and I’ll have it waiting for you at the airport on your return.” People wouldn’t even have to give away their address and the fact the household was on holiday.


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