Not Fun Friday

  • So we’re up in Mildura this past February having a week away with longtime friends from Adelaide. Well before the pandemic explosion, lockdowns and border closures.
  • We take a an evening sunset trip out to Mungo National Park, to the old sheep station along with the giant sand hills called The Great Wall of China.
  • My camera is clicking all the time, something I do willy nilly never knowing what I’ll ‘capture’
  • We’re leaving to make our way down to the bus – I see our friends (who’d had a little tiff earlier) had made up and were already on their way down the hill.
  • Never one to miss an opportunity (and without their permission) I snap away.
  • Certainly not well posed and with it getting darker by the minute this is their moment of togetherness
  • Framed and finally sent to them weeks later I wondered how it would be received

‘Love it Love it Love it’ was the reaction. ‘The two of us wandering off into the sunset – we’re growing old together and all is well with the world’

We get a phone call the other day. The husband had a prang in the car, all is well, just a bump on the head but precautionary body scan had discovered he had prostate cancer! Advanced into his spine! No signs….no symptoms…..picked up by chance.

All is not well with their world !

12 Replies to “Not Fun Friday”

  1. definitely not well in your friends togetherness – how dreadful to discover via a minor accident, something so bad. Gentle hugs to you Cathy.


  2. With no words needed, that photos says so much.

    I wish your friend well…troubling news…worrying news….positive thoughts and wishes go his way.

    Take good care, Cathy. 🙂


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