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  1. At noon, this particular Wednesday – our city, Auckland region – went back into Level 3 – which is not known, how long, although Friday was bandied about by the powers to be.

    I was listening later a “live update” and the full details of the initial 4 infected people and their doings etc have been released – mainly so anyone who has been at xyz can get tested etc.

    Nothing on my radar…

    I’ve just got my “head space” back on a good level, which had also meant catching up with some friends this week/next week – both now postponed. I’m hoping I can retain what good things to happen to said head space to keep on top it all…but I find it hard going on my own.
    Thanks for all my blog friends all over the world and here…

    PS Wednesday is garbage day in my neck of the woods – but I’ve not put my bin out…because it isn’t full – and the ticket$ to collect is better in my pocket for another week or two…


  2. I know what you mean it does feel like it’s the weekend in the middle of the week sometimes. I remember when I was working I couldn’t wait for the weekend and I hated Mondays & loved Fridays. Now I wonder if they’ll hire a 70 yr. old lady… I don’t feel 70 & I’d love to go back to work. Oh well, have a great day! Wednesday we put our garbage out too. We put stickers on our garbage, but recycle stuff is FREE! WOO HOO! HAVE A GREAT DAY!


  3. “You’re mad, pal” – it’s one of my OH’s fav sayings when the cat has his funny five minutes. For those of us who have worked right through (including turning home into office, prison, gym, plant nursery, and in amongst all that place to eat and sleep) Wednesday is still unfortunately Wednesday. I’d love it to be closer to Friday, but one of the horrible things about working from home is that without distinction between home and office, work starts to invade the weekends as well. Clients seemed to lose any inhibition about ringing at any time of the day or night, any day of the week. Small wonder then I headed back to the office as soon as regulations permitted.


  4. Being retired at first is like that till you get some activites in place, and thesee usually have a break in the UK in August. I try very hard to hang onto the day and date- dustbin day tomorrow so bins out tonight. I used to work with a chap who from Tuesdays onwards would urge us to cheer up cos it was Friday tomorrow.


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