Monday Monday….

A little blessing I saw online – a little something for us all

Here’s wishing you….
A great start on Monday 
No obstacles for Tuesday
No stress on Wednesday
No troubles on Thursday
Many smiles on Friday
A joyful Saturday
And a relaxing peaceful Sunday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So here it is Monday….how shall I start?

I’ll be the first to say that my life’s been a bit me-me-me recently so knew it was time for me to stop feeling sorry for me and think about others for a change. The latest stricter change in restrictions had me news hungry again, facts and figures hunting……pointing fingers at suburbs with high case numbers, blaming, ‘what on earth are they doing on that side of town, if we can follow the rules why can’t they’. That had to stop, so to clear my head I ‘worked’ on the family for a while last week and was ‘rewarded’ with a couple of photos posted (publicly) on other trees

Say hello to an uncle of my paternal Gt Grandfather John….brother to my GtGt Grandfather John…..or if you prefer,  my 3rd Gt uncle!
 John and Ralph’s father was called Archibald and their grandfather was Ralph – lol….if I had a penny for every descendant in the family called John, Archibald or Ralph I’d be rolling in it. Born in Co Fermanagh, he migrated to Canada as a young married man in the early 1830s where….from the amount of DNA matches I have associated with him…..he grew a large family.

I’d like to introduce you to a sister of Gt Grandfather John, a niece of Ralph (above) … GtGt Aunt Eliza 😊. She’s new to our family…..well she’s obviously been there for a while but I’ve not long met her.   It was DNA matches that sent me to her family and the realisation she really was ‘family’ as in really close to a direct ancestor. Eliza (born in Co Fermanagh) also moved away……as a young married woman to Australia in the 1850s. Firstly to South Australia then on to Victoria! Once this ‘Rona problem’ is fixed and we are free to roam again I’m taking a drive over to Footscray Cemetery to ‘Hello’.

And now I’m ready for my breakfast, porridge fruit and coffee today.
How are you keeping your mind busy? Our 2nd wave here in Victoria doesn’t seem to be subsiding so I’m wondering if this 6 week hard lockdown is going to be enough.

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  1. So professional, Cathy!
    While I have a hard time — just separatin’ paragraphs!
    And, it may be Monday to you — but it’s midday Sunday for the spouse and me.

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    1. Emiel, I could never do what you do. The words just flow from your mouth, sensibly and with meaning.
      I’m a visual sort of person….have to have a piccy or two….then I don’t need to talk so much!
      That dreaded dateline is fun – going up to the northern hemisphere means we often arrive before we leave home 😊


  2. That is a lovely collection of wishes for the week. Thank you. Here’s hoping – for us all.
    My mind is always busy (too busy?). I am attempting to rein her in, and direct her down paths I am happy to wander on…
    And in the interim I hope to repair some door handles today (a trip to the locksmith is needed) and continue my successes from yesterday when I succeeded in achieving a toilet which not only flushes but fills again.
    And thank you for introducing some of your family. Mine is a mystery to me (including too often those who are still here).

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    1. You’re lucky you could visit Bunnings and the locksmiths premises EC…..all off limits down here – as I’m sure you’re aware. I had The Golfer check his ‘supplies’ out in garage the day before we went into this hard lockdown just to make sure he didn’t need to pop into Bunnings along with the crowd at the last minute.
      Dan Murphys as allowed to stay open – mental health aid???


  3. Love the little poem…

    Well it’s Monday still here, and I’m on the “boards again” another sort up, but more rejigging the layout of those parts that can be re-done. Last week, was one of my “poorly weeks, it wasn’t until the w/end I started feeling better again”…and I had miss out two decent walks! This morning, messing around shifting dust bunnies; early afternoon a walk which in hindsight I maybe should’ve got the bus back up, but I was down there ‘tween times; now resting and catching up on this here machine!

    Let’s hope the rest of the weeks ambles along nicely…

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  4. We are really looking for someone to blame for our situation but it is hard to pinpoint anyone. I hope you are careful about who you share your DNA result with. Your crimes of the past may catch up on you. Porridge! I might have some tomorrow. I haven’t had it for years. I better check the use by date.


    1. Porridge- my go to winter breakfast. If the oats are sealed Andrew it shouldn’t be a problem. Try them anyway. There shouldn’t be any problem with my DNA….after all I’ve been a very good girl!

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    1. Ooh we’re you very upset by the result Gigi?
      I discovered my grandfather was not the saint we all thought he was – I’m glad my mother was not alive to find out.

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    1. I’m blaming the way they had to stay still and unsmiling for so long in those days Elizabeth. Grit and determination certainly abounded in her generation- hopefully love and compassion as well

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  5. I’ve dipped into family history research this year too- so absorbing and nothing bats a good mystery- currently on the track of a fraudster on my husband’s side of the family!

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