Nothing to do and all day to do it…

One week of August gone and nothing on the calendar except for a hair appointment made weeks ago (not valid now due to stricter restrictions) and a GP appointment also made weeks ago (still valid – practice open following very strict guidelines)

It’s been one week of bitter cold weather that made its way up from the Antartica – I realise the weather gods will never please everyone but I’d much prefer the hot blast making its way to Europe from the Sahara (the one I’ve been reading about on some blogs). The snow came the other day….not actually in my garden but I could feel It in the air (and my bones)…… and now we have rain and high winds to look forward to….going to be interesting….I see there’s a severe weather warning plus a sheep graziers warning flagged……..let’s just say it’s a good job we don’t have anywhere to go to

We’re busy doing nothin’

Workin’ the whole day through 

Tryin’ to find lots of things not to do 
(Bing Crosby, Cedric Hardwicke, and William Bendix)

Looks like I’ll be taking my lead from the cat!

You know
Having nothing to do would be good if it wasn’t because of such a serious matter.


19 thoughts on “Nothing to do and all day to do it…

  1. Yep, nothing do is a serious hobby…

    All the time we were locked in, I wanted dearly to bus to some place not within my ‘hood, and walk about like I had done the few weeks beforehand. I couldn’t see any reason to walk around my ‘hood! I truly believe I had to have that all…

    Until I did have that option and what caused me not to want to leave my ‘hood was this sudden normalcy of mainly cars which also meant more people…

    Then just as sudden, now I’m exploring little known roads and byways around my ‘hood…daily I set off. I don’t follow a set schedule which has a lot to do with my safety (regular route). For weeks I would puff up short hills, and have to catch my breath. But now, I’m far better…

    Even some of the “past gone” appts and dates on a calendar haven’t been happening…somehow in all that mess, I found a new way of living.

    BUT I know how you feel, by the end of it all, I had forgotten which week day/date it was; couldn’t remember what I had been doing, or even why… and then the month names blurred…(my blog kind of helped)

    Keep safe and keep faith that it’s gonna be better…some day soon.


    1. You really have moved on….as in conquering your fears o4 should I say replaced them with a better option, haven’t you Cathy. I’m enjoying reading your ‘rambles’ about your ‘rambles’ and how you are approaching things. Also your criticism of how you went. It’s a way of extending your tolerance levels I think


      1. I got some sparkle freezing bubbles on Thursday.
        Today (oh joy, oh bliss) a trip to Bunning for a part to fix the loo. Which now flushes again. And for a part to enable us to turn the bathroom door knob. Nope. You need a locksmith for that. Tomorrow. How will I cope with the excitement.


  2. Even my partner who admits to being very good at doing nothing, is not doing nothing so well when there is nothing to do. I am enjoying my walks but not much when the weather is so bad.


    1. It’s starting to get boring now. I know boring people get bored….but as I said to EC I need something to put some oomph in the days….to stop me thinking above all the time!


  3. We found our time in quarantine, which ended June 1, was wonderful for us. Sad for the world, but for us the first time we had every had to spend time with one another for more than a few days in a row.
    I assume those temperatures are Fahrenheit, stay warm!


    1. It was ‘fun’ early on Maggie – different, our lives hadn’t been restricted before so we sort of coped and discovered a lot about ourselves. After a little bit of freedom and stupidity on some parts we are now back, well further back than we were before. There was another lockdown and now a very hard lockdown almost to the point…for some….of being a prisoner in your own home. 1hr exercise, 5km zone allowed, 1 person only allowed to shop….in that 5km radius. Night curfew, mandatory mask wearing….for some it’s all too much.
      Winter weather makes it more difficult for some – cold to us – not like your winter. Temps are in Celsius.


  4. Cathy – quite frankly it’s the same in this extreme heat. I’ve always been able to find more clothes or blankets in the cold, but this heat is unbearable. The cat has hogged the fan (but that is only shifting hot air), and the house is as dark as a grave with all the shutters pulled down. My brain will fry if I even try to cross the road in this. Send me snow….


    1. Yes Tigger (and F) there are some who like it hot and others who like it cold 😊. Like me all my feline friends….all of them gone now, passed over the rainbow bridge have preferred it hot
      The long hot days of our summers here in the leafy green suburbs can be different to your, even though you are near the water you’re also surrounded by ‘concrete’ so I understand your tale of woe. Do they have portable evaporative coolers for sale – they are great in dry heat. Pumping out cool moist air. They are fitted a whole of house systems in Adelaide….hot Mediterranean type climate….we have them in Melbourne but some days it’s too humid for them to be any use.


  5. Warm dry mornings, following by storms and downpours in the afternoon and evening – so noisy that you can’t hear the radio.
    The list of things which will have to be caught up on gets longer every week…our plans for the garden have had to be put on hold, as if put out now the dry season coming on October will dry out plants before they have established themselves…normally we would have been planting in May…but everything was closed and still is.


    1. I remember the sound of torrential rain from our years in Singapore Helen. Similar to how you described it, coming late afternoon an evenings. You could see it building up and then out of the blue down it would come.
      Strangely plant nurseries weren’t closed during out first lockdown- classed as essential- source of food and a way of easing mental health issues for some. They are now, only things open are true essential services!

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    1. I’m projected out at the moment Diane 😊.
      This 2nd wave Lockdown in Victoria is a rerun at double time – almost house arrest!


  6. I feel for you as my diary looks the same as your calender- next week’s treats are husband’s car service and visit my daughter in laws mothers pottery studio which is actually pretty exciting. The weather in the UK is hot, the roads to anywhere nice at all are full of staycationers, who then clutter up everywhere, so we stay home. It’s only a matter of time till we are locked down again I fear. I am however very good at doing nothing!


  7. I am definitely not looking forward to winter here with the pandemic still going full bore forcing us to stay inside. We have benefited greatly from having lovely spring and summer weather for the onset of quarantine. I will feel as you do by November.


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