Lower your expectations

I certainly didn’t expect the flowers in the little posy gifted from my daughter

To have deteriorated so much by the end of the week.
I had to cull the old and add some new to make what looked like brand new posy.

Honestly, lockdown 2 is doing my head in. I’m wondering what I did expect
When I had them in the lounge room with the heating on and as we all know,
fresh flowers and heating don’t go together.

I’m wondering what else my addled brain will let me do this coming week?

6 thoughts on “Lower your expectations

  1. interesting what does our “brain” in – always something that some one else will say “that’s just plain stupid” – or they say “but that’s just normal” – and one knows deep inside that it’s not normal…

    in your case you are always wandering away to warmer climates at this time…for me that’s not what I’ve been doing, but I’m dreaming of going somewhere come Spring.

    Up until this year, when I needed some help one Saturday – people with car to bring something home from a store AND in the process we talked about keeping warmer at home. Researched various options including NZ energy appliances and properly used the gov’t winter heating allowance – now I’m warm as toast on day/nights that I need it.

    Whereas for what seems like decades, I was rarely warm, I used a variety of heating, none was truly any good. And I was often chesty and sick-as.


  2. I don’t think I can lower my expectations any further – but perhaps I am wrong. Again.
    Love the sign though.
    And yes, I also was disappointed and wondered why the gerberas I had bought for a splash of colour wilted so quickly. And (face slap) it was for exactly the same reason are your posy faded.


  3. It is rare with the heating on that we can get more than five days from flowers. While we like iris a lot, it is usually three or four days only. I suppose if we expect little for the next six weeks, we won’t be disappointed.


  4. I am finding that time just passes, one day merges into another and I wonder where the week has gone. In the UK there are localised lockdowns raher than the uniform national one we had in the Spring. As for us we tend to be at home most of the time.Shopping as little as possible and going for walks- lucky for us are the days when the sun shines.


  5. I think most of us…we sensible people, anyway…are feel slightly addled these days, Cathy. You’re not alone. If I could stay in bed all day with my head under the covers, I would….my two furry mates would be happy if I did, too! 🙂

    Keep your chin up…keep taking good care. Best thoughts and wishes. 🙂


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