An it’ll do day….

Yesterday was almost perfect, one of those ‘just out of the bandbox’ days. A fraction chilly overnight (3°c) then bright sunny dry and for just a little while nearly warm enough for short sleeves. If all winter days were like that I wouldn’t mind being trapped in Victoria and not sunning myself in Qld. Looked outside first thing and thought It’ll be a perfect washing day then sort out the freezer day. I know I know, very humdrum but it has to be done now and again 😊.

Costco had trays of Osso Bucco cut of veal, good sized pieces, each with plenty of meat as well as the ring of bone filled with the lovely marrow, decided to slow cook that for today’s main meal. So looking in the freezer I’m thinking , I’ll just add some extra stewing beef that’ll stretch it to more than one meal, and also I can add the remains of the beef joint I sliced and froze thinking It could be minced and used for shepherds pie….which hasn’t happened and with a little extra liquid maybe I could squeeze 3 days from it.

Onions – tick. Tinned tomatoes- tick. Garlic – oops no fresh not even a jar of minced. Change of plan……plain tinned toms out – ones with added basil & garlic in. Oregano – tick. Thyme – no. Well there’s some mixed herbs in the cupboard which are Thyme Sage & Marjoram…..that’ll do A couple of Oxo cubes for the stock. The kitchen smelt good all day, It might taste a little different but I’m sure it’ll do 😊

Pumpkin soup making turned into an ‘it’ll have to do’ exercise as well. Had the pumpkin and onion chopped then realised no carrots left. Last time I shopped the supermarket was out of them; none loose or bagged not even the cheaper Odd weird shaped Ones. Looks like I forgot to get some from elsewhere. No sweet potato either in the fridge so I ended up cooking pumpkin and white potato soup. With the weather coming up next week it’ll do nicely for lunch.

What weather I hear you ask.
Well this was the forecast when I looked last night and if they’ve got it right today will be like yesterday, then it’s downhill as we’re in for a cool/cold wet week. Just a slight additional word on Tuesday and Wednesday that’s a little off putting. One of those four lettered words I’m not keen on – like wash, cook, iron, mend…….SNOW.
It mentions Mt Dandenong – that’s a bit close for comfort. Right on our doorstep, just a little drive up the road. Hopefully we won’t see it down here in the foothills but I think the soup’s going to come in handy!

It’ll be a day in the garden today – not sitting sunning my self in my sunnies with my knitting by my side but digging, weeding, raking. I’ve looked at it all winter and kept saying to my self – it’ll get done one day. That’ll be today I think. Hope your Sunday is a good one.

12 thoughts on “An it’ll do day….

  1. We had a foggy day yesterday. The fog didn’t lift until after 11. It was sunny and pleasant (briefly) after that.
    I hope your dinner(s) were/are delicious. There is something truly comforting about the smell of slow cooked food.
    I am hanging out (so far in vain) for a really chilly morning so I can freeze bubbles. It needs at least a minus five or so, and the chillier the better. This has been a surprisingly warm winter here.
    Please send your rain our way when you are finished with it.

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    1. The rain hasn’t arrived yet EC. Lunchtime and it’s turning into a corker of a day. I’ll have a sharp word with the weatherman to see what he can do regarding the rain……The app indicated you might be lucky on Friday 😊


  2. these last couple of days “dry” but not warm, in fact bitterly cold on a couple of afternoons…which usually means it’s “snowing down on the mountains” which of course many people love to have = winter ski season.
    By the time I get back from any walk, I’m pretty hot but I soon cool down and the heating is smartly put on…

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    1. It’s been an up and down winter here in Melbourne – no heating on at all today. Bet it is tomorrow tho’. I’m enjoying your daily description of walks Cathy……many varied to see……and tell us abou


  3. Sounds like a very productive day- I love your cooking- sounds like me following a recipe, full of substitutions for things I’ve not got and things we don’t like. In the UK we are in full Summer with hot weather 30C predicted. I have ironing to do this morning and maybe this afternoon a little walk and some reading.


    1. Cook up big and freeze for later is my motto Cathy!
      Later’s been coming more frequently recently, no soups of any description or casseroles left in the freezer so as The Golfer likes his comfort food now and again rather than my preferred steam vegetables plus chicken or any other light protein I have to be nice and cater for him occasionally 😊
      I just have to tell myself- our time will come. Just wish it would hurry up tho’!


  4. Hi, Cathy…I love Osso Bucco, and often used to make it, but haven’t done so for quite a while now. I might have to change that!

    As I have only myself to cook for when I make stews, soups, casseroles and the like I always, of course, make enough for a few meals…freezing them for future use. I’ve become a very lazy cook lately…the easier and quicker the better. Often just fruit, yoghurt and raw mixed nuts serve the purpose! See…I told you I’m lazy! 🙂

    Keep taking good care…enjoy the sunshine. 🙂


    1. You live in a climate where it doesn’t get really really cold Lee so I imagine you wouldn’t be making those winters type meals very often. In the days when The Golfer was away from the house (after all the children had left home that is) those ‘light meal’ we’re what I existed on. Given half a chance I do now in summer!


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