Little did we know….

Back in early January this year we certainly didn’t know that these talented people would soon become household names and faces, appearing daily on our television screens.

Federal and State CMOs (Chief Medical Officers)…. acting, .deputy and recently retired
Thrown into the limelight with daily televised press conferences – they present facts and figures, taking and answering questions- all of them soft spoken, knowledgeable likeable lads.

They’re public servants not politicians – they serve the public in a different way
They are medical advisors – They care!

Victorian Health Officers
Australian Medical Advisors

Dr Nick Coatsworth.
Professor Brendon Murphy.
(Recently retired from position of Australia’s Chief Medical Officer)
Professor Michael Kidd 
Professor Paul Kelly 
Professor Brett Sutton – Victorian Chief Health Officer


17 Replies to “Little did we know….”

    1. The sporty types found a way to play didn’t they EC – which meant they devised ways to be back in front of us again


  1. also across the ditch – Dr Ashley Bloomfield, public health official – has actually become a hero – completely unflappable but with some great facial expressions – once over the idea that a certain American president talked about the effects of “bleach” …. and a journo asked him if he thought it was a good remedy – “absolute silence and his mug showed the answer” – I think the silence was broken with laughter…

    and then other actual ministers from mostly the ruling party would front up with varying VIP information – finance and housing and more from health. But it was really Bloomfield and of course Ardern who were there “updating us the nation”

    of course, I haven’t got a TV, but both RNZ and Ardern have f/b pages with usually 1pm update…

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  2. They have all done well in a a time of a steep learning curve and changing circumstances. I’ve found DR? Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer of NSW, very impressive too. Not too many people work for 31 hours straight.

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    1. Andrew she certainly looks more tired each time I’ve seen her give a report. She appears to be a bit more serious than the others……not that they aren’t ……might be she has Gladys on her back all the time.


      1. Federal CHO was interviewed by Norman Swan and it was recorded in June, but I only just heard it today. He was quite frank about the pressure he and his staff have been under, but not by politicians, just the work load and stress.


    1. Thanks Joanne. They have been appearing regularly since early in the year and I felt they needed to be acknowledged- by me anyway


    1. Cathy if you ‘click the links’ you’ll see there are some females…..and only so many positions. I only mentioned Federal (National) and Victorian because that’s who are relevant to my state. The chief health officer of NSW is female Dr Kerry Chant,


    1. Yes Dar, I bet they’ll be glad when this is finally over and they can take a well earned rest. They along with our State Premiers are visible/ working each and every day.


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