Some things are passing me by…

Obviously I haven’t been taking much notice of fashion this year. What’s In and What’s Out has passed me by. Well, I suppose I could be forgiven because, what with all the restrictions and ’worry’ about you know what, I haven’t exactly been wandering round large shopping centres gazing in the windows of any clothing retailers. And not going out and about dining meant I didn’t get to see what anyone else was wearing either.

For some people there’s nothing worse than having someone else turn up to an event wearing the same dress – one of the perils of ‘High Street’ shopping.

So taking a break early last Saturday afternoon, catching up on the ‘daily figures’ I couldn’t help but smile and take a quick snap these two – not quite the same as turning up in the same dress but not far off😊

Miriam Corowa (abc news presenter) & Stephanie Borys (abc political reporter)

They both smiled – none of the kerfuffle of the 2017 ‘white shirt controversy’ that happened on another channel.

Looks like polka dot time snuck in under the radar…….It appears the Zoe Report mentioned their return in an article back in February this year (Which I must have missed 😊) obviously slanted at northern hemisphere readers but there are quite a few down here who always want to….maybe even for reasons unknown have to ….have and wear the latest fashion trends.

So I’m wondering ……..if by the time we are allowed out and about again and can dine properly, sitting down, being waited on, eating with proper cutlery as well, as opposed to takeaway food in a plastic container with supplied plastic cutlery ………and I wear my vintage polka dot scarf, will it be classed as a fashionable accessory……or will it have gone out of fashion (again) by then??  

(But then again it will come in handy – our State Government has decided there is a need to wear face coverings/masks outside the home…..from tomorrow)

These days I’m not a slave to fashion….truth be told never have been….but for some reason I do like to know what’s hot and what’s not. How about you ?

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  1. oh did you hear, you have to make dresses and masks match 🙂 and it’s part of accessorizing that could include a hat, matching gloves and handbag! I suspect that mens ties are now made with matching masks as well…

    It’s been many decades since I was a slave to fashion!


  2. F’s with Elephant’s Child – if F is wearing something fashionable (it’s accidental) she got it from a charity shop and it’s on its second or subsequent time round. She says boiler suits have always been fashionable in certain circles and are ideal because they have lots of pockets (which women’s clothing seldom have at all)


  3. I’ve no idea on the ins and outs of fashion, but i love the dotty story, and it does seem as if people view masks as fashion accessories!


  4. I’ve found that if clothing is kept long enough, it gains a certain vintage quality that serves as fashion. My outfit this morning includes an old t-shirt and a pair of 27 year old overalls, still in pretty good condition. I feel very fashionable. I may be delusional in this regard, but I am happy with how I look. I like the idea of a matching facemask though…


  5. I have disposed off almost all of my corporate days clothes and now use entirely our native dress of whites. There is simply no fashion involved in it. Much simpler and easier to manage the wardrobe too.


    1. Fashion and I have never been closer than aquaintances. My “want to wear something comfortable” wins out every time. – the reason why I hope masking up will not reach here. It’s very uncomfortabel, I find.
      I only mind the fashion, so that I can stock up on pants when the legs are not skinny tight (in here and now 😦 ) or flaring wide, both of which I find uncomfortable, and to buy cotton skirts in my preferred length and maybe even pattern/colour too.
      I like your keeping a scarf so long, that it’s in again. Hope you get to wear it soon.


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