Little things

Shopping yesterday at two different supermarkets noticing :-

  • More mask wearers at the one in an area with an older population. Gov recommends (at the moment) only if you can’t ‘social distance’ say in a supermarket That will change on Thursday.

Driving yesterday noticing:-

  • The cost of fuel had risen. A big rise too. Since when did that happen? You can tell I haven’t needed to fill up for a while

Looking at my blog stats yesterday, for the first time in a long time noticing:-

  • An awful lot of hits from people (maybe real maybe otherwise) in China. On the actual URL not particular posts like bots do. Starting about the same time the Federal Gov. mentioned something similar……coincidence or not……surely they aren’t hoping to pick up ‘secrets’ from bloggers. Move along whoever you are, nothing to find here 😊

Well that gave me something to think about last night.

  • How will the younger shoppers cope – will they be willing to fork out $200 if caught sans mask outside their home?
  • Is the price rise on petrol a ploy to keep us all at home. So many have lost their jobs, money’s tight, we’re not supposed to be going out of our suburbs.
  • As far as the blog stats go – I’ve no idea, I can’t control it, best not to look at them. Cop out I know

Oh and there was stacks and stacks of toilet rolls available – still limited to 2 packs per customer. And for some reason only 1 pack of bacon per customer irregardless of size.

Today has been cold and wet and the only thing I’ve thought seriously about is whether we’ll have sausage and mash for dinner this evening or should I defrost the other half of the casserole I cooked on Saturday!

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  1. it’s the “little” things that add a lot to your daily life.

    what’s with the “bacon”! I can understand the “dreaded TP” from before…but “bacon”!!!

    I recall that here, when the levels were shifting down, we were advised not to buy more than our usual amount of food – as we would still be able to get the food the next time….BUT people still bought up large. I didn’t, and I didn’t suffer for it – a few things I didn’t have, and actually although I did buy later on, I now see I’ve stopped them…somehow, they didn’t seem important.

    And to add to that, I started having “no choice” on certain foodstuffs, things I hadn’t ever cooked let alone eaten AND now I love eating them…stove top lamb casserole cooked this morning…why stove top, issues during our lockdown to do with oven vessels, but overcome easily with help from T & A.


  2. If numbers of infections are down, I believe that mandating masks is over reaching, especially bad for little children. We have had very few cases and no deaths in our region for weeks, and people are still wearing masks. I object to the fear mongering that some levels of government are doing. Being completely open about numbers is the best strategy.


  3. Many more masks being worn here. Maybe above 50%. Yes re petrol. Little demand as so few are driving. The fuel companies are trying it on and I expect the price will quickly drop. Lol at the Chinese Communist Party hackers reading your blog. Whatever would they make of it. I think mask wearing is to make us stay home. They aren’t very nice to wear. I hope you cooked whatever meal was easiest.


  4. We are in our lockdown stages still and it is hoped that there will be lifting of it in the next few days. Incalculable economic loss and suffering has resulted during this period and hopefully we will get back to normal soon. Seniors like me are still advised not to leave their homes and for those younger who need to, wearing masks and keeping distance and frequent washing of hands are keeping the number of cases still under control.


  5. Everything has gone higher here not only gas but they are asking us to use masks. Stay safe


  6. My state would like to make masks mandatory, but there are too many objectors. They are mandatory in my county…too many cases.


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