There were things….

There were things that were not being done.
Beds not being made properly – just pulled to.  Dishes piled high until the mood strikes.
Unless an effort was made meals were sort of an afterthought.
Blog reading and commenting here and elsewhere took a back seat
Even daily exercise took a battering.

Bands and weights looking very forlorn and forgotten on the outside table

All the oomph and energy seemed to have disappeared……The word ‘should’ was bandied around a lot……..Now the word is will !

All these I can do at home – inside – if it’s a bit chilly on the deck.
Reminders of how things were – and now I’m making an effort – the way things will be!

And with this fella there to encourage who could not try 😊

On the road again…the Road to Recovery

15 Replies to “There were things….”

    1. Have to get back on the horse sometime Cathy. Starting slowly……then I won’t feel so bad if I fall off again😊


    1. Feel free to copy them Kay – it’s good to have the moves down in black and white reminding me what way is the recommended way. Doing some of them daily is the idea – one set at a time


    1. Day 2 Cathy and I’m thinking a cup of coffee would be good – it’s a bit like ‘when you finish your dinner you can have some pudding’.


  1. Almost a non rhyming poem. As I was moaning to my sister, she said, at least we don’t have bombs falling on us.Bah, she is in an unlocked area.


    1. I have made a promise to myself Andrew – no more moaning complaining from me.
      I can see how you feel about your sister’s words and attitude “it’s alright for some”. She’s right in a way, we’re not in a war torn country, just fighting a very different fight. Well some of us are 🙂


    1. Sure is Lee – tomorrow has arrived here and I have all of today in front of me… contemplate which exercise I will do first 😊


  2. Cathy, I so know how you feel. The white board on the kitchen door has a ‘resolve’ written across the top that has been there since January 2019 below that a list glared at me – daring me to find the energy to attend to things again. I have always had energy so where did it go? Finding yoga has helped. First it was work offering zoomed classes for people working from home, and then going looking on Utube. I don’t twist myself into a pretzel – just to the relax sessions, stress release sessions. I have also usually thrived on uncertainty and change, but begin to understand how it affects other people. I suspect more than anything it is the isolation. I’ve never sought connections in digital format before, but that seems to be all that’s available really and while helpful it’s no match for the real thing is it?


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