Just in time

I passed some of my recent ‘want to be alone’ time finishing off and packing up woollies from my donation box. Knitting all the pieces is the easy part, piecing together and finishing off is what takes the time…….and effort in some cases…..like picking up round the armholes and neck of these sleeveless vests.

The box had been emptied back in May when the charity started operating again, gosh there was so much in there it was full to overflowing but that was because of the original ‘lockdown’ when everything came to a standstill. So because I didn’t want them to build up again and just be sitting here at home rather than be available for distribution I decided to ‘move them on’ when I had half a dozen ready to go.

Once the ‘Big Boys’ Guernsey (mentioned in this post) was finished it joined a few others plus the vests and they were off and on their way. Just in time as we went back into hibernation lockdown a week later……unfortunately they’re going to be sitting around somewhere else waiting for the time the charity can reopen and begin sorting and filling orders again 😊

So now it’s on to other things – back to baby size or carry on with the 2yr old?
Now I’m feeling more myself I do have one thing on the go
Hey Linda – look at the new project!
Yes Teddy is in the making 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I’m trying out the newish editor – yes WordPress is going the way of Blogger!
It uses blocks and seems to have a very flat regimented look to it. Flown by the seat of my pants this time, I’m going to have to do some reading & learning I think.
Also I can’t find a way to vary the size of the photos – so big it is !

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  1. My word Cathy you can knit at speed. You put me in mind of my maternal grandmother who kept the keys to the local church (a kind of tourist attraction) in return for which locals would leave their worn out woollies for her to unpick and repurpose into garments for charity. From her I learned to knit and grew up with what seemed like and endless supply of knitting wool, and and equally endless supply of striped hand-knitted jumpers.


  2. Love the jumpers. I am sad to hear that WordPress has jumped on the ‘we will fix it even if it is not broken’ train.
    Good luck.
    And yes, I have multiple boxes of books waiting to go to other homes. And a fair assortment of clothing – ditto.


  3. You have been knitting a lot. Good for you, and I’m happy to hear tahat you feel more yourself by now.

    I tride WordPress, but those bloks ‘killed’ me. HTML code in one, minuscule letters in the next and ginormous letters in another font in the third. No way I could make them look alike, and always funny blank lines inserted all over the place. Seems like I have to stick with Blogger despite its acting up and bein g filled with bling. 😦


  4. I like the teddy bear! I have avoided going over to the new WordPress editor because I usually write a long essay and then paste it into WordPress. The new editor will only take one paragraph at a time!


  5. love your never-ending production of wonderful clothing gifts for others…I certainly am impressed with your skills. I’m still working on my simple garter stitch shawl that has very little patterning to make it work. But then again, I’m doing other things…

    I know that feeling about being “wanting to be alone” – right now I have what appears to be a needy friend, who has mistaken my “going out a bit” to mean, we need to catch up weekly! My outings of late aren’t about being on a normalcy tack rather a way for me to understand a whole gambit of personal and slowness steps

    so sad your lockdown has come again and another friend in Victoria is daily showing that the virus is not waning, that a small percentage of people are not caring “two hoots” about it…


  6. Just look at that Teddy. He is magnificent. Is that for charity ? Hell, I’d wouldn’t mind being a charity case if I could get one of your creations.
    I did knit a jumper for my teenage grandaughter last winter but othwise I’ve been wasting my time crocheting gnomes.
    Now I’m making Peggy squares for a blanket.
    The sewing up and finishing off is always the worst but the finished item is worth it!!!


  7. I’m almost finished with baby knitting for my husband’s colleagues. When that’s finished I can get back to knitting for the shop at the local hospital. They sell baby items in aid of the Neo-Natal Unit.


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