Such a beautiful day…..

At last a dry sunny day – one if we ignored the chill in the air could make you think winter had been and gone.

Life had become a bit ho hum, then slowly some privileges were returned to us, there was a rise in some figures, the weather was putrid, some interstate nastiness where borders were concerned and I’m not sure why but I became  quite angry and more than a little emotional….so I withdrew.  Cut off contact with everyone (in real life as well as online) to try and sort myself out.    Strangely after the ‘flattened curve’ of the dreaded C cases changed then numbers rose so dramatically which meant Melbourne plus part of Victoria was put back in ‘lockdown’ to try and control the second wave I’ve begun to feel  much better.

There’s  plenty of  food in the cupboard, plenty of you know what to keep my fingers active, loads of books to read ( thanks to our local library advice to stock up……at very short notice the day before lockdown) an acceptance that we definitely will be wintering at home and not Queensland (or any other state for that matter)  I’m ready to face the next 6 weeks……which hopefully is all it will take (although we have been warned it could be longer).

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  1. It’s a miserable time really isn’t it. I have blocked a few of my Facebook contacts because I was tired of their constant harping on the C subject. Although things are freeing up in the UK I have no plans to do anything differently yet- the second wave will come whatever….thank goodness for crafting. Stay upbeat!


  2. You can hideaway and knit to your heart’s content now. Can the other half go golfing??
    Thank goodness for books. And loo paper??


  3. Your country is at least responding to small outbreaks. Here it is completely out of control thanks to misguided notions of “freedom.”


  4. So many gates slamming down again. If not for the deadly reason, almost amusing. Idiots and their Covid19 parties.


  5. yep, it’s sure hard on us humans…and I don’t think winter weather helps all that much…but I’m indeed luckier than many other humans around the world (NZ) has no community transmission – all current cases are via those returning to the homeland and in gov’t regulated quarantine.

    I’ve quite a few friends in Victoria – from different strands of my life – none of whom I’ve ever met realtime. And it’s that feeling of despair that you all seem to have…

    the issues I personally have after our major severe lockdown, has been interesting…took weeks to work out what it was, now slowly returning to some thing, not like before (2019) but a new some thing that may work just as well…

    When I noted no posts from you…realised it was “you being the hermit in your cave…” working out how to cope, I understand that particularly in regards to what we all did before – but can’t do now…

    gentle hugs from across the ditch…


    1. I am sorry that your state has had an upswing and hope it can be controlled sooner rather than later.
      We had an unbeautiful day here weather wise. It was sunny but the wind went through rather than around. And was decidedly icy.


  6. It is frightening that this virus seems to be taking over the world. All we can do is be careful and we are wearing masks now.


  7. Mask wearing in shops will be mandatory here from next week. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on the numbers being infected, which of course leads to deaths. The number of deaths here in the UK is shameful, but we are led by donkeys, so it’s unsurprising, but heartbreaking.


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