Friday on my mind….

It was a fraction cool this morning so because  there’s a chance of rain….

I’ll more than likely be doing a bit of this….

And possibly soothing my soul with this…

Me missing the warmer days?  Never!

Oh if only that were true 😊😎

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    1. In the end I did neither Joanne – I spent the morning setting up my new iPad adding apps, web sites and other stuff. I could have saved and transferred all of that from the old one but wanted to start afresh. Then later popped out to get a new cover for it. Car to shop then home again, hardly anyone in the shop so all good as far as rules & regs were concerned…..that is I didn’t have to manoeuvre around others to steer clear.


  1. We had a cool and foggy start to the day too. No rain in sight. The fog cleared to a bright and sunny (but still cool) day. Tomorrow is predicted to be much the same so for a change (not) I will play in the garden and read. I may do some domestic tasks as well.


    1. The forecast showers never appeared EC. As I said to Joanne I ended up doing something entirely different to that which I’d planned😊
      Hope you get to play in the dirt (again). And who (in their right mind) does….what was it you called it….domestic tasks?? Sounds like that description the tput on women’s passports….home duties!


  2. I love the chilly weather (so do my two furry mates who love to snuggle up close to me)…and already am dreading the heat and humidity of summer…both will arrive too quickly for my liking. 🙂

    I also love the knitting meme…I sent it on to a friend of mine in Florida. She knits and crotchets…almost daily.

    Keep taking good care, Cathy. Stay safe. 🙂


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