He must think I’m daft…..

Oh I’m wise to his games
Trying to get in my good books
Thinks these’ll do the trick

Choccies  and Allsorts
My favourites!

Oh wait, could be he’s trying to cheer me up

Maybe I’ll crumble 😊

What little gifts would you crumble for?

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Monday June 22…..(Winter Solstice time)…we’re on the way up or is that down … hours of daylight might be on their way up but our winter temps have yet to reach their lowest.

 Coffee (and chocolate) later will buck me up no end


7 thoughts on “He must think I’m daft…..

  1. I hope you are feeling better…and better again with your treats ;o) Did you have a chance to try out the little letting go ritual? Sometimes it even just helps to write down whatever is on your mind without any conscious thinking at all and then burning it up. Letting it all out.
    Sending you a hug, since I know the winter doldrums well xxx

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