How are you filling…..

I rang my friend the other day……the one I mentioned previously who didn’t want to become ‘one of them’

‘Lets go out for a coffee’ I said.  ‘I’ve missed seeing you’

‘Sorry, I’m still a bit wary, you never know what’s in the air, she replied ‘maybe another time’

I started to ask how she was feeling today but she misheard and said ‘oh there’s lots to do’

Feeling today /filling your day 😊

‘The days and weeks are just flying by,  filling them is no problem now,  there is chase around the house and hunt for rubbish because it’s bin day,  changing the bed washing the sheets day, oh and of course there’s fill the pill box day!’

‘I’ll  talk to you again sometime’ she said.

‘Now how am ‘I’ going to fill my day’ I wondered as I put the phone down.

Reflecting on how unenthusiastic I feel at the moment….and how there seems to be an awful lot of hours to fill some days ……I was brought back to the here and now by a noise coming from the laundry.

Oh, and there’s the washing machine beeping so I’d better hang those sheets out.  With some cold nights coming up maybe we’ll try out those winter Velcro ones again

And… I need to make a note to remind myself to pop into the chemist to pick up my scripts tomorrow.  There’s only one set of pills left in my little weekly box!

What little things have now become a larger part of your life ?


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  1. My life hasn’t changed a great deal. Which makes me realise how far I had already stepped away from human interactions. Makes me realise it, and worry.
    Am I an anti-social git? I fear so.

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  2. I value my freedom…

    However during lock-down here in New Zealand, I wanted it back “real bad”. Now I have it back, and I’ve done a few things like “go and select my own meat” and left my ‘hood and gone about to things in the city (mainly)…

    I suddenly have seen that that locked in freedom-want, isn’t the greatest want…yes I enjoy going away further from the hood. But on my own terms.

    Maybe because our season isn’t summer anymore but rather wintry and today it’s steadily raining…and being at home seems “all right”

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  3. It has been beautiful and sunny the last few days and it feels good but I want to go to my
    campground. Hopefully this week they will open the border. I don’t go out much but I did today and it is not the same. I had my mask on and everyone can’t chat because they let so many people in so you pick up what you need and move on. I guess I am used to it by now but if we have another outbreak like before I don’t know how I will handle it. Thank God for computer and telephone and books.

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  4. I used to remember to do all those little things like pick up a script along with everything else. Now I have to schedule them out on the calendar to remember to go out at all.

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  5. It’s the weirdest thing. I am filling my days. I can’t say it’s with anything important. I keep hunting for the perfect mask design that I I can make for my grandson who will maybe start kindergarten in September. I read the news an awful lot, maybe too much. Then there’s laundry, blogging, sigh… what else? sigh….

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    1. I fill my days with exactly what I used to – like you I’m rather a homebody, and I like that the pandemia has made people more like me 😉 Children, garden, work from home, baking, creating, picking plants and dyein. The only thing I really miss are my chicken. They were old, the fox ate them, and I had a deal with a friend to go get some new ones for both of us. But now we can’t go togehter by car, hence no chicken (I do not own a car).

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  6. Cathy many years ago hubby and I set of in a 40′ boat to ‘see the world’. At some stage I was heard to comment that my ‘world’ had become a 40′ boat. It had in fact got smaller. The sights were great but we seldom spoke the language and weren’t part of the communities we visited, didn’t have our family/friends there to share it with ….. and spent an awful lot of time in attendance on the requirements of that 40′ boat.

    It made me understand better what community really means (and I had come from a small rural one in NZ, so should have fully understood it already).

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  7. Going to the supermarket- will the postman come today/who has seen the postman- comings and goings of neighbours- finding a post office with no queues- still looking for a Boots the chemist-then my husband keeps us endlessly entertained with where he might have last put something down- I loose things down the sofa too…. the fun never stops. sorry though that your friend wouldn’t come out to play.

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  8. I find it comforting to read that so many of us are reacting the same way to being kept at home, learning a new normal, then cautiously creeping out into the world. I think I’ve become quite lazy during this time.


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