Hidden benefits….

Your know some of that time spent sitting around watching tv during the lockdown did actually have hidden benefits.

I discovered that the old adage about never being too old to learn was true😊

Courtesy of Millionaire Hot Seat  one evening, in the short space of one hour I learnt that:-

  • Polar bear females are called sows, not cows
  • Young turkeys are called Jakes and Jennys
  • Mangos are in the same family as Cashews and Pistachios
  • The stumpy bits on a giffaffes head are called Ossicones
  • Dolorous means sorrowful


  • If I want to go on a really really long trip, the distance from Earth to the Sun is about 150 million kilometres.  How many days drive do you think that might be??

Maybe I’d better hang on to the bit of paper I jotted it down on because how long I’ll retain all that information is anybody’s guess 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

Won’t be long ’til breakfast time when I’ll sit and ponder, wondering if the lockdown was good for anything else….apart from welcoming back my homesick weight loss.  Yes some of those kilos returned to take up residence again !

11 thoughts on “Hidden benefits….

  1. I didn’t know that female polar bears are sows. Thank you. The rest my trivial mind did know (though whether I could extract it in a hurry is a different matter).
    I suspect that weight loss products and programs are going to fuel the economy restart. Perhaps out pollies should look in that area for the jump start they want.


    1. It’s surprising what I discovered EC – once I took notice of the answers!
      I’m going to have to make a start discussing this move back home thing that’s been going on:)


  2. well that’s more than the usual “learn something new everyday” that’s a whole weeks worth as far as I tell…have a great week…


  3. I think all of us has gained weight during these past few months. I go to the grocery
    store at 7:00 a.m. and don’t feel right when I get back home. Just a creepy feeling.
    Some people don’t worry and I envy them but after being in cardiac intensive care
    for three weeks years ago I don’t want to go through this again.


  4. I’m trying to think of something I have learnt from tv quiz shows that my partner watches, but nothing comes to mind. I should take notes.


    1. That’s right Kay, we were aware of why we couldn’t stray from home – it was those late afternoon quiz shows that gave us something different to do and curbed those ‘maybe I’ll just take a little walk even though I’m not supposed to’ itchy feet feelings.
      lol wasn’t too brainy on that particular day 😊


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