Today I’m making it quiet….

Thinking about my GP’s words the other day…. life is what you make it…. and looking at this morning’s weather forecast I decided today I’m making it a quiet, sit down, do very little day!  

I see there’s some cool/cold wintry weather coming along next week with none of the sunny dry afternoons we’ve just had so The Golfer is cutting back a very large overgrown Mock Orange (Philadelphus) while he can,  and as I have all the right colours and amount of wool for making the teddy jumper/sweater mentioned in Wednesday’s post I’ve decided that’ll be my next project.  One I’m sure to enjoy sitting indoors in the warmth of the fire.

It’s  butternut pumpkin soup and crusty rolls for ‘tea’ tonight.  Just what we need in this weather.

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  1. weather here is now using a new system called “interchangeable” whereby if you are quick you might have a late summers walking out-look or you might suddenly find yourself standing at a slant as some chilly rain zaps through. I did get in a walk, but I could see that busing back was the key…
    I don’t know if it’s just this year, but trying to get any of the washing truly dry (outdoors rotary clothes line) is new or has it always been an uphill battle!
    And Watercare (company for town water) seems to think it’s not raining enough….


  2. Your day sounds good.
    I was out very early in a failed attempt to freeze soap bubbles (-4 is not quite cold enough). I came in and did some washing, and then rather too much gardenings.
    Thank goodness we both have leftovers for dinner tonight. And I have a book to revel in.


  3. Pumpkin soup! Lovely! I have a butternut or two on the kitchen counter so that might well be our supper too. Have you made it wth prawns?
    Shell and head prawns and make a stock which you use for the soup, finishing with cooking the prawns in the soup and adding a splosh of cream and parsley.


  4. Snap. A couple of nights ago we had butternut pumping soup left over from the freezer with terrific bread made in the bread maker. While I was out walking late this afternoon, gosh it was cold. I looked at my phone and the temperature was 11 degrees. No wonder I was cold. Then a lad passed me by in a tee shirt and shorts. Toughen up sweetheart, I told myself.


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