Life is what you make it….


When my GP said that to me I asked – yes, but for how long?

I have no idea he said.-  How long’s a piece of string?

So ended my consultation last week!

Which got me thinking about how long my ancestors had lived.   Looking at that I might be saying goodbye in the next 5 years or so.  Hopefully I’ve got a lot more making to do in my life!

Are you interested in how long a life you can expect to live?

Just for the fun of it

Have a look at this site – answer the questions- and see what’s in store for you!

Here’s hoping my result (which is different to historical family evidence) is just about spot on – see what comes up for you.


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  1. I was adopted as a baby and have no knowledge of my family medical history, so most of it’s an almighty guess (which it is anyway…)


  2. Hmmm.
    My father often used that ‘how long is a piece of string analogy’ and it is one which I haven’t heard in years.
    If that test is to be relied on I will outlive both my parents by a considerable distance. Hopefully with most of my faculties intact.


    1. How long is a piece of string. I never heard that one before, but it’s good. I hope that test is just somewhat rigth. I am curious enough to want to grow very old to see what happens. I hope you’ll have a lpong, good life.

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  3. I do think about how many years I might have left and about the quality of that life. We’ve got terrific genes on both sides, long lives and good lives. So far so good. Now I should make some life style adjustments myself to help it all along. Will I? All those long living ancestors were abstemious, hard working and lean. Hmm doesn’t describe me at all .


  4. I won’t take the survey/quiz as I don’t want to know the answer, although it could be helpful with finances. My father died at the age I am now. I think/hope I have my still alive mother’s genes. What we have to remember is how good drugs are now and they just keep getting better and better at keeping us alive, so we die with dementia at reasonable ages instead of by strokes and heart attacks at younger ages.

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  5. Like Andrew, I’m now at the same age that my Dad was when he died. I’m 55. My next target is 67… because I want to receive at least some of my old age pension off the state! My mum is 81, but I seem to take after my dad where health issues are concerned. I’m just trying to eat well, and stay as physically active as I can to give myself the best chance.

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    1. He’ll Scarlet, lovely to see you.
      When I passed my father’s age I had a little cry, then like you started to look forward. I get ‘cross’ at friends who (like me have seen 70 and more) are fretting and say they are now old enough to die. What the!! My mum was 80 but I’m aiming well past that. God willing of course 😊

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