Just one…..Sunday Selections

So many leaves from so many early winter bulbs yet there is just the one bloom and no more in sight.  There’s not another flower head to be seen so I think their days are numbered!


Not one but two little rainbows ‘beaming hope’ on the way to the park


Just one cocky in the gum tree above me……..he’s one of the lookouts for the gang (mob) of them having a feed in front of me!

(Sulphur-crested Cockatoos work together to protect the flock. While feeding, two cockatoos will keep a lookout for signs of danger from the post of a nearby tree. If danger appears, these cockatoos will screech loudly as a warning. The word ‘cockatoo’ has even become a colloquial term for someone who keeps guard. Source.  

I saw just one Crimson Rosella ‘hiding’ in the tree – they usually fly in pairs so I’ve no idea where his mate was.  And just one small duck hiding in the rushes – no idea where the rest of them were either!

There was just one little one enjoying the swings……. a lovely sight on the first day restrictions regarding playgrounds had been lifted.  It was a sunny but freezing cold morning with few people about so another lovely sight was this one older couple feeling comfortable enough to take a walk in the park

And there is just one view that can’t be missed – the view of The Dandenongs.    Looking a bit scorched in parts just below the tv masts, not from actual ‘bush fires’ but from recent burn offs (controlled burns) that will assist in keeping that part of the hills safe.

It’s been a while I know.😊……..today I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others at Sunday Selections……just one more time!

And I’m back to joining in with Michelle at Nature Notes where you’ll find much to interest you in the big wide world of nature

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10 Replies to “Just one…..Sunday Selections”

    1. EC I wanted to share my walk so chose SS – I really should join in more often
      They may arrive later……it’s unusual for there not to be more buds though.


    1. It was a great morning for a walk. Lot less people there than last time. And yes there was a lovely calm feeling about the place.

      These little jonquils always flower about this time Andrew. Hopefully there will be more in the patch or they’ll be coming out later


    1. Thanks Charlotte. It’s not large compared to some parks but with the lake/ponds/wetlands there it always seems to look green


    1. Ah….the weather! Whether we do or don’t often depends on the weather lol.
      I’m a fair weather person – too hot….too cold…..prefer just right!


  1. I love the rainbow signs Our weather in my part of Ontario Canada has been very changeable, we had it all during May, wind, rain, snow, polar vortex, humidity, and now June is here we are waiting for it to warm up again.


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