Chippy Chippy definitely not yum yum!

(Keep in mind this a personal point of view – others may think otherwise )

In a word -my word was –  yuck!

They were crunchy like chips/crisps should be – it was the taste that was off.

It was as though they’d been coated in something – like sweetish tasting grease.

I didn’t get past one small mouthful – The Golfer didn’t think they were too bad

Strange man – strange tast buds

 He’s been known to put Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam on the same piece of bread


I gladly gave him my share……as well as what was left in the bag



7 thoughts on “Chippy Chippy definitely not yum yum!

  1. I love peanut butter with jam on toast – I think it’s an American thing – sometime with the addition of cheese….

    But so glad that the “lamington flavour” can be ditched…according to spell check that L word should be “lamination” ….maybe that what the manufacturer was really trying to find!


  2. I told himself about them and we had a look while on a shopping expedition. They haven’t reached us – and I am not sorry.
    Peanut butter and marmelade share space on his sandwiches. I have yet to try them.


  3. Love your title! Says it all. I’m not surprised at your reaction though salt and sweet seem to be in flavour now. Salted caramel? And don’t they often tell you to put a pinch of salt in a cake to bring out the taste, or something. I never do.
    Peanut butter and any kind of marmelade though… a big yum here


  4. They look good but if you don’t like the taste more calories for him – look at it that way. LOL


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