Feel good Friday….

It’s been a strange week here full of emotion and ‘words’ – I’m beginning to feel hemmed in and ‘restricted’ more so now than over the past weeks.  Who knew that state Premiers not agreeing on when to open their borders, golf being allowed but choir singing not, farts and having sausages for dinner two nights in a row could be reasons for a war of words in our household.

There was one bright happening I’ll tell you about……and it appeared when I wasn’t even looking.  Since the world blew up in our faces lots of my emails have remained unread…no interest – couldn’t be bothered – you name it, it just didn’t happen.  Anyway trying to clear my head by clearing the inbox seemed like a good way to spend half an hour and that’s when I saw something that really put all this weeks rubbishy  ‘stuff’ into the garbage bin where it belonged!

Sometimes I tell you about the things I knit 🙂
I give/donate them to Knit One Give One (aka KOGO)  who then give to what they call community partners (We supply our items to over 280 Community partner organisations. These are Public Benevolent Institutions, charities and government agencies  source)  which means none of us knitters know where our gifts will end up or who will benefit from our ‘handwork’

September last year I mentioned that while we were in Bowen I’d been trying to use up odd left over half balls and how I’d been taking a bit of this colour and mixing with a bit of that…..hoping  to end with some pleasant, what I call half and halves.  See here for the end result – https://cranethie.com/2019/09/26/its-not-all-lying-around-in-the-sun-you-know/

These are some I came home with –  for some reason  I was particularly happy with the one below.

The soft tones of the pink and grey were a good mix.  Not as dark  in colour as these photos – just right for a young one, no matter where they were living or what their  family circumstances were.

OK back to the emails.
Look what I saw when I opened a recent newsletter.  A delightful little one with a big smile on her face wearing a pink and grey raglan sleeved cardigan, pink stripes on the sleeve cuffs finished off with grey buttons.  Certainly brought a smile to my face.

The sun has just come out to dry up some of the enormous amount of rain we’ve had over the past couple of days.  Maybe some time in the garden is what I need…..then I can pick up the needles again 🙂

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  1. oh what a great surprise…and learning that it suits Mother as well as baby…

    not a drop of rain here, in Aks – this morning a tad nippy, so pleased I had put my possum gloves back in my day bag as I was away from home a little earlier than normal – now it’s brilliant sun.


  2. Oh! That’s beautiful…and something that certainly would put a smile on one’s face, tearing up, and warm the heart! What a lovely, lovely surprise! 🙂

    You are a skillful knitter, Cathy. What a heartwarming post…thank you! 🙂


  3. How absolutely marvellous to see that photo and comment. You must be brimming over with enthusiasm now to make more. You are indeed a wonderful knitter and making the most of your talent! Bravo


  4. That is so nice. At times we do good things for the world and it goes unrecognised, but at least in this case you have some recognition. To use the old fashioned phrase, it sounds like you are getting on each others nerves. Welcome to my world. Remind ourselves that it is only temporary.


  5. That would certainly lift my spirits also. I think this virus I know myself has certainly took my spark for live away. I have to start a gratitude journal before I have myself depressed. The young doesn’t seem to bother them at all and then the seniors are given hours to shop and your scared to come in contact with anyone. Now they want us to where masks when out in public like shopping malls. I have no intention to go anywhere. My husband gets the groceries and all we do is walk in the park and say hi to neighbors. It certainly is a new world.


  6. Lovely knitting and I’m sure a pleasure to make. I am finding it strangely difficult to settle down to knit, possibly due to the lack of entertainment on tv, in front of which I am usually placed to knit. You inspire me to do more charity work and that makes me feel happy, thank you.


  7. Wonderful, Cathy. I felt my heart go pitty pat. Best wishes for a wonderful future to that mum and little one.


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