All quiet in the eastern suburbs…..

For weeks on end I would walk to the end of the street and see this.

A main road lined with old trees making its way up to Montrose and then on up those hills (aka The Dandenongs) in the near distance.  

Looking the other way the main road makes it way to Croydon- a nearby suburb where you can pick up the train to the city (aka Melbourne)

What’s strange about these photos is the lack of traffic.

There is a distinct change happening tho’ – the traffic is returning.  I can hear the noise first thing in the morning and then late afternoon.  People are on the move again and I’m feeling quite ‘sad’ about that.  Yes life must go on, we have to ‘open up’ but……….


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15 thoughts on “All quiet in the eastern suburbs…..

  1. In our little town nothing much has changed…people have had to drive n from the country to do their shopping, go to the bank or the doctor so the streets are lined with parked cars as usual…where there is a difference is on the main road to the capital. Government workers are working from home and a journey to the hospital which normally takes one hour and a half now takes forty five minutes.
    As businesses reopen, we shall see what the traffic is like on Friday when Leo has another appointment in the capital.
    Our own little road has been a rat run for lads on motorcycles evading the police road blocks on the main road…driving both us and the dogs potty!


    1. We’re wondering what next Monday will bring. It seems people who would have taken public transport are now opting to drive so even though many are working from home as directed their spot on the road is going to be taken by those steering clear of the buses/trains.
      Hospitality businesses are reassessing their options – they can open for seating now as opposed to takeaway – but for only 10 customers at a time for a maximum of 2 hrs.


  2. Snap.
    It is a little before six here and already there are cars on the street.
    I had grown accustomed to the quiet.
    I do hope we are not opening up too soon. If we are I suspect this genie will be hard to rebottle.


    1. Sounds like a song title- I’d grown accustomed to the quiet😊
      Our Premier is ‘going so slow’ with reopening we’re sure it’ll be Christmas before we can go to the cinema. We’ll just have to be careful about where we go and what we do


  3. What lovely leafy streets. Sorry to hear your traffic is building now. Still very quiet where we live but once cafes open I suppose downtown will be full of motorbikes again.


    1. At the moment I’m only hearing it early AM & PM – we’re not restricted as much now on where we can go so I’m sure it will return slowly as people become more adventurous.


  4. The noise of the traffic…and the amount of it…have been very annoying over the past couple of weekends up here on the plateau. Motor bikes, in droves, have been noisily roaring along the main mountain roads, disturbing the peace and quiet. They come up from the Gold Coast…I wish they would stay down there!


    1. Luckily for us the ‘curves’ start further up the road😊 We notice the bikes if we go for a drive during the weekend, lots of older fellas rather than young hoons.


  5. It’s happening here, too. In the beginning I said it was sad to look out my window and see the drives full of cars that used to be at work. Now some of them are.


  6. You live in such a lovely area Cathy. I love the new quieter world, except for the obvious of course, but i suspect we will be back to ‘new normal’ soon.
    Also, look, I can comment! Still not on the phone or ipad but if i get the old laptop out (which is daily atm because of working form home) then i can. Yippee xx


    1. Lizzie how lovely to see you- I’m glad you fixed it in the end. Yes life must go on, it’s going to take quite a while for everything to return to the ‘not much like it was before’ but we can’t stay cocooned in limbo for ever.


  7. Oh yeah! I hear you. So much better without the cars and the pollution. It is much the same around where I live, as we get back to normal again. Understandably, we cannot be in lockdown forever!


  8. We are only allowed to walk in parks and people with cottages can go but they don’t want you coming back and forth a lot. The border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is still closed. Hopefully we can get to our campground in NB next month. Only essential stores and drive throughs are open. Of course nothing will ever be the same with me. I think myself we will be social distancing and never trust ourselves again.


  9. We live on a street with a four block straight section between two stop signs. Now that we have taken off the storm windows we are back to hearing the summer motorcycles speed by. They seem to love our little stretch. In a way it cheers me a little to know that one part of life is going on even as most everything else is shut down here.


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