I wish I hadn’t done that…..

It’s not very often I wish I hadn’t ‘donated’ something to the op shop. Once I’ve given it away in the hope someone else can use it that’s it.  Early on in this ‘horrible season’ one of my daughters asked about the big pile of jigsaw puzzles we have had in the cupboard for more years than I can remember.  “Oh sorry, I gave them away a while ago.”

Jigsaws are something we’ve always had – from the big clunky wooden ones the children received on early birthdays through to the biggish 1000 piece ones they were given as adults  Good family fun, keeping the eyes and the brains working, with none of the squabbling board games produced……except when one certain young lady got up early to finish a puzzle another child had worked on all the previous day😊

Everyone had left home, The Golfer wasn’t interested and I hadn’t ‘played’ with them for a long time- the cats seemed to think they had the right to sit on them or see how many pieces they could knock onto the floor – so occasionally I’d get some fun doing them online but sort of lost interest after a while…..then In one of my what’s in this cupboard that hasn’t been used for a long time  tidying up frenzies gave them to the op shop.

Seeing Kay’s post the other day about Art and the big jigsaw and seeing the fun he wa having had me again wishing I hadn’t given them away.  THEN reading the comments I noticed someone mention an online site Jigsaw Explorer https://www.jigsawexplorer.com  Oh joy, will you look at that – oodles of them – just ready to be played with – I’ve been ‘at home’ for 8 weeks now and definitely need something new to keep me occupied…….. I think I’ve found it………everything else will be given the heave ho for a while.  Forget Solitaire and FreeCell…I’m off to have fun!

Oh and if you’ve ever wondered about creating a jigsaw from your own photos I found this tutorial online – by coincidence using the same site

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week and have fun

14 thoughts on “I wish I hadn’t done that…..

  1. Jigsaws do my head in. I have a brother who loves them and years back he gave me a particularly vicious one. It is double sided. The image on the front is the same as the image on the back – but it has been rotated 90 degrees. That one is still in the cupboard and doesn’t tempt me at all.


  2. I took on a 2,500 piece jigsaw a couple of years ago and I didn’t get far with it, it took up too much space. It put me off jigsaws.


  3. I’m with Helen ^ ….things tend not to leave our place either! Fortunately we have a big storage shed where all things are kept in curated order (no sorry, I mean in boxes willy nilly!) and the kids come and borrow games or jigsaws or tools or bottling jars etc when they need them. It’s been amazing to have it all to hand during this time!


  4. I’m not great at jigsaws…there are quite a few nowadays where the “people are looking at…” and that what you create. Plus those online jigsaws, cause me issues as my hands don’t work well, and between placing or unplacing – issues…
    But hey if they rock you boat, go for it…


  5. Right now my life feels like one big jigsaw but I must check out the online ones and then you don’t have to worry about accumulating things. I am trying to down size as it is.


  6. I love freecell. Had to delete it from my phone as it became an obsession.
    Now I play it on the desk computer instead, not as much, clears my head so I can write my blog…..I say


  7. I am so irritated that I gave away a couple of pairs of jeans. Since I have been minding my diet and exercising I am back down a size. Of course at the time I said I never would be so I should give them away. Problem now is that all the shops are closed. I have never successfully purchased a pair of pants without trying them on. So I have a belt and baggy pants for the duration!


  8. Oh my! Would you believe I just wrote another blog post about this very thing. Too funny! Isn’t it so much fun? Art is almost done with his 1,200 piece puzzle and is delaying the finishing by only working on it for a half hour a day.


  9. Oh! How we loved doing jigsaw puzzles when we were kids! It’s a long time since I’ve done one, even though, I often still feel like a kid inside! 🙂


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