One extreme to the other

Andrew was so right last week when he mentioned in comments to look out for unseasonable weather that was on its way.  After the beautifully warm and sunny week before the days certainly went downhill from Wednesday – cold very wet and very windy,  turning into the coldest start to May for a long long time.  There was even snow up at Lake Mountain just an hour and a half from here.

Then Elizabeth bemoaned the fact she had to resort to google to change celcius figures to fahrenheit – I’ll let you into a secret Elizabeth… so do I. Australia had turned metric just before we arrived in 1972 and the ‘new to me system’ was so much easier to use so apart from giving dual figures for blog readers I never think about converting.  We did learn the equation at school but that was a very long time ago so like many things in my life I take the easy way out now and get help 😊

Bet you don’t have one of these in your house

See what happens when I rummage through things  decide I’ll do a little clear out.  This was the end result of the day I found the Mother’s Day card and the ID badge.  Things I was going to put into their proper place had sort of graduated to the spare bed, add to that the boxes I was looking through plus the Hoover that lives in a cupboard directly opposite not being put away….because it was going to be used when I’d tidied up the room……the spare wool blanket that lives in the same cupboard just dropped and not returned when we decided to put the weighted blanket on our bed instead…..

It’s not that I have a short attention span – it’s more like I want to move on to other more interesting things – so if that’s the extreme you ‘may’ get to see the other but in the meantime until the mood is right I just glance (and shudder) as I’m passing and leave the room looking like a bomb hit it 😊

I will just show you another little treasure I found in one of the boxes.  Many of you will remember my Aunty Pam who I wrote about for a few years .  Her slide from a perfectly normal beautiful (in more ways than one) person to one with dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) was awful to see.  I’m still on the mailing list of our local association and this arrived in the post the other week.  A puzzle book to keep your brain active.  25 pages with lots of different sorts of puzzles…..all I can say is thank goodness they put the answers at the end  😊








I did get the Play on Words one!








Its Monday morning here, it’s raining again outside, it’s nearly time for coffee then what….maybe I’ll take a look in that bedroom door again ….or maybe……..

What are your plans for this first Monday In May?

Star Wars Day.

Whatever you do ‘May the 4th be with you’

11 thoughts on “One extreme to the other

  1. We are having rain tomorrow also. We did get to go out today to a walking park and we went around twice – we walked about a mile and 1/4 and there was no one else and we came home. They opened up the walking trails yesterday but I am still so scared. I will be getting a mask and then maybe I won’t be so nervous. I should be cleaning up at this apartment also. I hang onto too much. Oh well. Stay well.


  2. It really did change in a hurry didn’t it? I got sleeted on during my Friday walk. It is sunny today, but very brisk.
    At least your bomb-hit room looks temporary. One of ours has boxes (and boxes) of books piled on top of each other waiting to the time that Lifeline can accept them again. It looks a little as if we were moving in or out and lost interest.


  3. Yesterday, I got absolutely soaked when I thought, silly me, that the rain wouldn’t fall upon me…and on my blog I talk about the “kindness that occurred” on that occasion.

    Last night, it rained and howled and whipped around my cabin,…woke this morning and it actually looked like it might have bowled off some place else.

    Not that at that point was not I thinking I might wander away again on a walk…and actually by midday, we had moved into FOUR seasons in one day. It’s now on a repeating pattern, so I guess when this bit of rain goes, it will be some more sun, or maybe it will do a mistake and go to “boy it’s cold wind…”

    I’ll get my exercise doing indoor things – bed making, more cooking which involves bending up/down to oven, and then a little art with my paint brushes…


  4. My cupboard tidying has turned up a few things I thought I’d given away, and more than a few that I should have. Even Mr FF is getting round to sorting, now that is a break through.


  5. Well my spare room is way worse than yours. It’s full of everything that was in my craft room which is no more
    But it is slowly being rebuilt
    I can’t wait until it’s done
    Stay warm and dry


  6. Oh, a spare bedroom. I just re-read Anne of Green Gables, bemoaning the fact that I do not have a spare bedroom. Now I’m happy, as this – and worse – would surely be its fate in my home. Thanks!


  7. Hope you had a good day. Our spare room is filled with removal boxes! Today I have cleaned the kitchen properly, tried phoning the removal company and ended up having to email them because they aren’t answering the phone and now I shall do something nice.


  8. Thanks for the recognition that I am not alone in my temperature confusion. As for the spare room, the problem seems to be that they are undefined and become a very convenient spot for things we don’t know where to put. I have two shams that came with my quilt that I don’t use but can’t bear to part with either. They are in that room. I need to stop thinking of that room!!


  9. It wasn’t too bad here after a damp start. It is not terribly accurate but C to F, double it and add thirty. It is enough to know whether it is hot, cold or nice. Your spare bedroom is like ours was until recently. We got there.


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