On a day like today….

Or rather on a cold wet and miserable day like yesterday

I definitely wish I was elsewhere – anywhere warm and sunny and dry

Somewhere like my favourite winter hideaway.  Rose Bay Bowen Queensland

July 2016
July 2018
July 2019
July 2019

Same time – same place – most days

What could be better – peace and quiet for early morning sunbathing

Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until next year

(I should add June July & August are the winter months here in Australia)

12 thoughts on “On a day like today….

  1. Rains have started now with a vengeance….so it’s time to change the routines to take advantage of the sunny mornings then sit over coffee while the storms rage around us in the afternoons.


  2. across the ditch – fine and sunny – most days – hence Auckland city water tanks below 1/2 full – if it wasn’t for current lockdown – water would be the main news item with more restrictions…


  3. I am sorry you are missing your oh so small (great) pleasures. We are modest in our wishes and this damned virus is depriving us. Staying safe is first priority.


  4. Well, we are about to be blasted by a cold front here in Tas so your sunny beach pics are a welcome distraction! Lots of rain already and more to come so the fire is roaring and the woolly rugs are ready for lounging around 😉


  5. I don’t think you could travel this year with all the lockdowns on borders. I don’t know if this will ever change. A new normal they call it. Children haven’t gone to school since March. What a mess. I don’t even know if we can go to our trailer. They are opening it I guess for seasonals but there will be restrictions that probably means no activities. Well I can live with that at least get out of this apartment. It always can be worse although some days my heart is very heavy. I can’t imagine what my mother would think if she was still living. At least in the olden days people could set a rocking chair and knit on a veranda and people come to chat but in this day and age one hardly knows their neighbors they come and go so quick. Oh well. on my way to get groceries before 7:00. Even have signs where we have to stand and which way to go up and down isles so we don’t meet people. Oh well.


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