Walkies anyone….

Last night’s forecast

Cool nights –  pleasant days  Good for walking!


Don’t think I’ll be going anywhere on Wednesday though ☔️

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  1. I went for a walk to my driveway this morning…to put the rubbish bin out…and neighbours from the lane that runs parallel to the one I live on were walking past…walking their dogs. They are a lovely couple who I rarely see. Their dogs were enjoying their walk, too.

    Of course, my hair was a mess…no bra…but never mind!..Who gets dressed up to put their rubbish bin out? 🙂

    It’s going to be a bit nippy down your way over the next couple of days from what you’ve shown here…and what I’ve heard via TV this morning. The weather here is still mild, and I’m looking forward to some of the cold to arrive.

    Keep taking good care, Cathy. 🙂



  2. when I decided I should walk more during this time-period, I thought “well you used to do mornings, but that doesn’t seem to work, let’s do middle of the day…” worked for a few days and then suddenly I realised that late arvo seems best! And I meet more other people walking about…all at safe distance, mostly pairs…but always some chat along the way…distanced.

    tomorrow I need to go to the chemist which mean braving the mall again…but I think I will cope, as it’s not the main entrance for the supermarket…it may mean though more people down there, because we slip into Level 3 come the witching 12 hour tonight…and more businesses maybe operating…


  3. Perfect weather for me. I wouldn’t even mind Wednesdays.
    Our weather is similar just now. Time to be enjoyed before the extremes chill us out or in our case turn us into pools of sweat


  4. Snow we are getting this morning more or less melting as it comes down. Cold I had went out for a few groceries at 7:00 a.m. Not many seniors around but tomorrow our Pensions will be out so I am not going near any grocery store for another week. The prices of things have gone up also. Not only me noticing it. Hopefully May will be a warmer month.


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