I have no idea….

Why I would have jotted this down on a scrap of paper and then used it as a bookmark

What I was watching or listening to at the time remains a mystery.

I did ask Mr G – he pointed me in one direction then another but they didn’t help

Tell me I’m not alone in mysterious scribbling  😊

13 thoughts on “I have no idea….

    1. Ps you’re not alone. I also find odd notes to myself all over the place. I find most of them very puzzling. Recently it was a recipe, without title . I couldn’t work out what it is was I wanted to make.


  1. Something on the news grabbed your attention. Perhaps you were going to write a post about it for your blog.

    Perhaps these sites might shed a light on it…



    I think you’re having fun there, going through everything! lol Take good care. 🙂


  2. yes, my first thought was Google, at least it will point you to a country!

    now that I’ve had to cook/bake a bit more – and I wanted crackers (for cheese) I saw a recipe in my old recipe book. Not everything was there, i.e. what do you do with the mixture. I seem to recall you rolled it out and cut – but the mixture wouldn’t co-operate – used lumps and pressed with fork. Then there was no actual baking time – looked on google to get a guideline. They were edible but since then, found another recipe in same book on a post-it note…just the ingredients and bake 12 mins!

    I now have a nz recipe portal and when I decide to make some more…will use what looks like a simply nice little outcome…


  3. I find phone numbers and names jotted on scraps of paper that I have no idea about! I was wondering whether the note refers to the Piano Mill project here in Qld, near Stanthorpe?? That quote about piano ownership is used in their blurb.


  4. Welcome to my world. I have a phone book and an address book but they are never handy when someone is giving me their number. I write it down on a piece of paper and I find it a year later and can’t remember whose number it was. LOL It must be our age. I am always in a hurry to do nothing. Stay well.


    1. Oh and I googled this because I could. Michael Atherton did indeed say this in a book called A Coveted Possession- and apparently it’s in Australia – maybe you fancied reading it?


  5. I love the odd bits I learn from blogs. Here I got others to decipher your little note and learned about Australia and pianos. Maybe that was why Jane Campion made “The Piano” in your neck of the woods.


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