What did you say…..

Last week Kay was wondering ‘what day is it‘ – JayCee was asking ‘what shall I do today
Linda was talking about ‘Good Orthodox Friday’
While Cat was curious about ‘the annual flu vaccinations’  

And here at our house?  Well there’s not a lot going on at the moment.

Life is quiet, restrictions will be in place for another month (at least), shopping has been fast and furious…….trolley sprayed and cleaned by a lad at the door, list in hand , up and down the aisles, only shortage last week was soap and cleaning products, oh and powdered milk.  Friends have asked why I’ve not gone with home delivery – well I did consider it, our children and some grandchildren offered to do it for us but in the end decided it was easier (and quicker) to do my own.

Every country is different, our case load here in Australia is very low compared to many other countries. (6606 confirmed with ‘just’ 71 deaths nationally on 19th April)   I personally do not know anyone with or who has had the virus, we are very aware of what needs to be done,   people do not seem to be scared or panicking,  we really do (with some exceptions) seem to be doing the right thing.

There haven’t been any recorded cases here in the eastern suburbs, and yes I realise one shouldn’t be complacent, there’s always a first and you never know what’s in the air….or on the shelves…..   knowing the layout of the shop helps,  meaning  I’m not ‘pottering around searching for things’ and I’m of the opinion that getting it picked for home delivery (from there or elsewhere) means one more person (maybe more) handling the goods.  Plus if what I want isn’t there I’d rather it was me choosing alternatives for myself – or not

Communication with The Golfer some days is getting to be a bit like that Peter Dehany recording from the early 2000s.  Sort of Dunno Nothin.…..very much like talking to a teenager

Where are you going – nowhere

What are you doing – nothing

What would you like for lunch- don’t know

He’s not sulking – apart from being a bit lost and restless and having finished nearly all his books on hand (apart from those on his iPad) he’s just crook that Victoria put a restriction (ban) on golf.   All the other states and territories decided there would be no harm playing as long as recommended precautions were taken.  What’s the betting he’ll be up there the day after restrictions are lifted 😎

Hope nobody else is having to deal with a moody teenager 😊

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  1. I have rejected online shopping for groceries too. I wan’t to be able to see and small my vegies before I put them in the trolley. And like you I would rather choose my substitutes. There are still shortages here but slowly the shelves are filling again.
    There is an aged moody teenager here too.

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  2. The moody teenager in this house is actually a 14 year old LOL. At least I don’t have to supervise her online schooling versus facetiming her friends – thank goodness!

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    1. Oh Margaret you really do have a teenager 🙂 It must be very time consuming to have to try and manage her school time v free time I’m sure she is really good over it but I’m glad it’s you and your family and not me.


  3. Such different options in our various countries…and I have had no choice but to accept someone else chooses my groceries… and readymades + misc other. I sort and clean whatever and then get on with either heating, eating or cooking with it all.

    And I’ve met some new foods that have given me a new lease of life in the kitchen…plus I’ve had some unexpected choices – again giving me a lesson or two.
    To date, I haven’t made anything that wasn’t edible so that’s a plus…although that can’t be said for some of the readymade-meals

    I’ve been to the small convenience store at the bus station twice, but only one person in at a time … but nearly each time, I’ve felt guilty for being there, I’m technically not supposed to be shopping. But last time I got an icecream because a few days before I had a dreadful craving…

    I’ve no idea about the supermarket set-up and have heard stories about all kinds of things…but as I’ve these supplies and as I said technically I can’t go there, I’ve kept away.

    My landline has gone weird, I’ve bought one from contactless delivery place…let’s see how long that takes to arrive.

    no moody teen here…although a couple of times me-the-adult has acted up a bit…

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    1. I hear your restrictions are to be lifted a tiny bit soon Cathy. I must say you are coping tremendously well given the circumstances Inventive too 🙂


      1. yes – going to Level 3 – but not the Level 3 that was proposed when the
        “levels were invented” – and I’ll still be locked in until we get back to Level 1. The changes have to with schooling at various levels, which still seems a bit topsy turvy AND then some parts of regular businesses….

        still the social distancing so although a cafe could open, not for sit down and chat, but rather via contactless option – so have a “slide window” to collect whatever they have on offer…

        which means that some new “essential products” will reappear.

        I don’t believe my VIP one get my haircut is on that agenda though 🙂

        but the big message is STAY HOME, KEEP SAFE, BE KIND…

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        1. thanks…being inventive with the help of google and NZ recipes, but then often I have to rethink an ingredient. Last week, I asked my helper for caster sugar – funny how I had about a tblspn on hand! And then “equipment” but mainly have coped, after I got over the shock of something not here…and realised although I’m cooking with restaurant quality foods, I’m not serving a family and who cares exactly what it looks like – as long as edible.

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  4. Orthodox Sunday was even more memorable, still a lot of hard work even with just two of us. I’m hoping my days will get back to their bewildering sameness again. I miss doing my own shopping. The kids insist we stay at home altho there are no cases anywhere near and we live on an isolating island.
    My moody ‘teenager/elder’ person has found a few things to occupy himself but he’s running out of ideas and any suggestions of cleaning cars, shutters, rubbish from the garden has him suggesting I help him. No way. I have plenty of things to fill up my day.

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    1. Hello Linda – these matureagers are a worry aren’t they:) Mines just gone off to a shop we rarely frequent in the hope they have a certain type of tinned dessert he likes.
      He eyed up the secateurs the other day, helpful in the garden when I want him to be – armed with those types of tools, never!


  5. I tried on-line supermarkets a few years ago once, never again, so I do the weekly shop. I have also been to the store at the petrol station which although more expensive is better stocked! No moody teenager here, just a normally negative adult finding every conspiracy theory going insisting relaying them to me! I don’t want to know! I just want to get through the days one at a time. Stay safe. Can the Golfer practice his putting in the garden?

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    1. Yours has s sort excuse at the moment Cathy in that nothing is where it usually is – and if he is an inquisitive person I can see the fascination in finding out where it came from and who is to blame. Like you I’m not really bothered, I’m sad/upset that so many have to suffer but I just want it all to go away and life to return to a little bit of normal – whatever that is (or will be in the future)


  6. I too only go out now to shop. I would rather pick my own and if what I normally get isn’t there then I will decide what if anything I’ll replace it with
    Hopefully we will all be able to go out again soon

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    1. Come out come out wherever you are will be the catch cry Angela – mind you we won’t be seen for dust when given the all clear!


  7. I agree about the shopping. Although I am too anxious to do it myself, I send the Boss out to do it as he is fearless, and usually gets more or less the right stuff.
    PS: I have tried to comment on some of your previous posts but had trouble registering myself! Hope this one works OK.

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    1. Thanks for dropping in JayCee, I’m not sure what is going on with commenting but others have mentioned the problem as well.
      I find it easier/better if I do the shopping myself not that the Golfer is helpless, it’s jst he gets carried away with the sweet thing sin life at times and we’d end up eating chocolate biscuits and custard instead of meat and three vegs!


    1. Oh Elizabeth, please don’t think I was gloating about the facts and figures, we look at the situation in other countries and worry about the lives of those living here. So many sick people and more deaths than we can comprehend. Funny about the golf eh.:)

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      1. It never occurred to me that you were gloating. I am amazed by the governors to our south who are so eager to reopen things. They must think they are immune. We have learned that no one is immune.

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  8. No moody “teenagers” of any age here for me to have to deal with. If I get into a mood, I promptly give myself a good talking to and tell myself to “snap out of it”! Sometimes I take heed, sometimes not! 🙂

    My two furry mates give me bad looks if I dare disturb them when they’re sleeping. I never have to ask Remy, my male cat what he’d like for lunch…whatever I’m having suits him! 🙂

    Usually,in the past…and at this particular time in our lives/world…. I do a grocery shop once a week…so nothing much has changed in that department as far as my habits are concerned.

    Slowly, the shelves are being filled again here. My two furry mates and I are okay – we won’t starve.

    Many, many others aren’t okay, though…and I do feel for those who have lost their jobs and businesses etc. And, for those on the front lines, in all areas..my thanks and appreciation are endless.

    In my opinion, overall, Australia is doing okay through this present crisis…I hope this pattern continues along a positive path…and I hope very soon similar applies elsewhere in the world.

    Take good care, Cathy. 🙂

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    1. Lee how lovely to see you. It is good to hear you can (more or less) stick to your usual routine and are able to shop locally without too many shortages.
      I hear you one the plight of others. Luckily all my family are well situated as far as employment is concerned, not exactly with essential services but companies that are legally allowed to trade.
      Best wishes to you and your two furry companions – long may you enjoy life up there on the mountain


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