Norty Norty……Fun Friday

Remembering my ‘word of the year’ was give, I willingly said yes when asked to take on another role at the aged care facility where I volunteer.   Today is Friday and mid afternoon I’d be making my way down the very nicely decorated corridor pushing the tea trolly complete with china cups and cream cakes  to ‘take afternoon tea’ with some of the residents.

Some of them like it in their rooms – big smiles when I knock and ask ‘would you like some tea’, and then tell them ‘cook’s made something special’ and ask if they’d like that as well.  One chap has his spot in the separate tv area.  ‘Half a cup of black coffee please and a piece of cake’ spoken before I’ve even put the trolley brake on.

But most are in the sitting room.  Several ladies and one gentleman all chatting away (hostel environment not nursing home) – then I hear ‘here she comes’  There’s a break in activities for tea so it’s like they are sitting there with their tongues hanging out, dying for a cup of tea!  After they’ve all been served I sit down and they fill me in on their week (or past lives at times)

The restrictions on volunteers (and visitors) was made early in March so it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve helped out.  I miss it….and wonder how they are all coping.  Some volunteer run activities have been cancelled- staff have stepped up to run others but it’s nothing like it was previously.

Somehow….. even though a couple of the ‘cheeky ladies’ who have ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths ‘ looks about them – but have ‘been there done that’ tales to tell…..would be in on the ‘fun’- I don’t think management would approve of this as a fill in activity 😊

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

24 thoughts on “Norty Norty……Fun Friday

  1. Cathy,
    You should know, Cathy, it would take a lot more than Viagra to kick in — just tell the ole guy to hold out one of his arms and aim over his hand….so the gals can amuse themselves. Personally, I cannot imagine their glee in the “full frontal show”!

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    1. A little bit of harmless fun Emiel😊
      I do worry about how my ‘friends’ are coping – one named visitor per day, half an hour in their rooms only. Some are very active and not being allowed outside will hurt tremendously. We are all ‘suffering’ and the majority of our deaths have been over 65.


    1. Yes Elizabeth like I said to Emiel, a little bit of harmless fun.
      I just hope my ‘friends’ are safe. So many residents in other establishments have been infected by unknowing staff/carriers

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  2. Funny ! I bet you miss seeing these people and they are probably bored silly. Here they are not allowed any visitors at all not even family. In Halifax in one facility they are moving them elsewhere because there are so many that have the Covid 19 and I believe four of them are in ICU’s. I am staying in until it gets a bit better.


    1. I think many volunteers are feeling it EC. We want to help but just can’t or are not allowed. I wonder if many will give up after this enforced break


    1. When I told some friends what I was doing Angela they just didn’t get it. How boring – what on earth can you talk about with a lot of old people. Oh you’d be surprised is all I told them


  3. I sometimes wonder what happens to ‘ladies of the night’ and men too I suppose when they become too old to work in their profession. I think we had one older women who lived near us in Balaclava who was. She would have been in her seventies, had long hair and a couple of tattoos on her hand. She was nice enough, and used to spend a lot of time in the shopping centres collection signatures for animal rights petitions, especially bears and elephants. I should write something about her. In the unlikely event she would be still alive, she would be late nineties now.

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  4. I certainly think it’s probably quite disturbing for these people – in their bubble/pod or whatever and possibly not getting quite the same level of service. I bet the assistant doesn’t sit down and natter to them. And possibly no visitors, not just volunteers.

    Here in NZ – a few of the “homes” have somehow got themselves in the “cluster of those with c/19” and one grouping has been the cause of some of our deaths from c/19 v underlying health issues – very sad. Because it not just affected the fragile elder but some of the staff…

    it’s a tuff ole time for sure – keep safe, stay home people if you can…take care.

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    1. Same here Cathy. Virus brought in by unsuspecting staff. Most of our deaths are in that higher age group. Although most confirmed cases are in 20/30 yr olds


    1. I did hear they were taking turns at serving tea for each other in the afternoon so there’s a new little tradition they’ve come up with to alter the daily routine


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