Twos company…..

Social Distancing in the Park!

The two-person gathering rules also apply inside and outside the home. This rule exempts people who live in the same household, whether this be a family unit or roommates.  Source

These two Magpies were having a lovely natter as they made their way down the pathway.  Mr Magpie (with the white back) was keeping his eye on one of his girls.

Then there were three!

All allowable in the new rules and regulations because the third  was another grey backed female  – part of Mr Magpies  harem 😊

And here’s where those dropped leaves were coming from

Looks like the seasons have definitely changed!

~ ~ ~

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  1. I’ts been impossible for me to comment on your posts for ages, I hope this has solved the problem. I have been following you and hope you are safe and well.


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