Easter….at home but not alone

As well as being a serious reflective time it’s also a time that I associate with new clothes and laughter.

As children we always got some sort of new clothing for Easter, dyed chook eggs (no chocolate ones for us) and a day out somewhere.

When I think back to when our children were young it must have seemed like I was a terrible mother because it was one chocolate egg per person not the bucket loads today’s little ones get – and that wasn’t until the thrill of hand dying the chook eggs had worn off and they noticed what was on sale in the shops. They would drop hints about ‘eggs with smarties’ inside – that way they’d get more than just a hollow egg.  And to be fair I did surprise them some years with a bag of those little tiny eggs or a dozen small eggs in a carton to share amongst each other.

It’s been a different Easter for all of us this year.  No church services or rather no public gathering together services just those streaming.   No trips to the beach, no camping in the national parks, no BBQs with the extended family.  The traditional Easter surfing  championship at Bells Beach postponed.  Locally on warm sunny days over this weekend (same as any other weekend) the open green space at the park would be filled with families using the playground.  Because of ‘the virus’ it didn’t happen this weekend and we also heard today the state of emergency here in Victoria has been extended for another month so it will quite a while until it’s allowed again 😥

The murals on the toilet blocks have been repainted  recently – in a very simple child friendly but eyecatching design.  They looked quite lonely when I was there the other day 😒


Unlike those sunny warmish Easters we’ve had over the years Saturday and Sunday were cold and miserable, today is forecast to be a bit warmer and dryer.  We won’t be going far though,  I’d love to take a drive up the hills to look at the changing colours on the trees. Not allowed – stay in your suburb – remember the four reasons

Looks like it’ll be a(nother) day at home…..with The Golfer…..eating and drinking and doing other stuff.

No chocolate eggs this year however we had some of these egg shaped decorated shortbreads gifted to us…..turned up on our doorstep last Thursday. Wondered if the Easter Bunny was having trouble with regular deliveries and had changed stockists but no just a friend trying her hand at something new.




Linking to Monday Mural.  Pop over to Colourful World and say Hello to Sami.

21 thoughts on “Easter….at home but not alone

      1. We’ve had the six months’ dry season…this year and last so much hotter than normal – you bake in a moment when going outside. We have water from a spring on the mountain behind the house and also from a well in the lower part of the finca, but just keeping a garden going takes hours of watering in the evenings so once the rains begin I can put my feet up! Two days ago we were hearing the crickets…now it is the cane toads’ chorus!


  1. Rained overnight (Sun/Mon) here in Auckland, NZ – and bit of rain this morning (it’s still quite early) but also weak sunshine. It was supposed to be gale force winds and heavy rain over the Easter break, but all that happened locally and it only flickered my lights was a power transformer blew up – 2 suburbs away, creating an outage there.

    I probably could’ve got E/eggs but somehow I had other things on my mind here…preparing/cooking other edibles. Having supplies delivered that one doesn’t normally eat, nothing wrong with it, just a bit of a learning curve. Different types/brands of similar things. Not being able to run out for food or ask my helpers “quick please” … not being able to dash out to local cafe/bakery for lunch supplies

    I was just thinking this morning, how domesticated I’ve become 🙂 at least at the end of the day, I’m bushed and sleeping a bit better…

    Art/making is suffering a bit, but I’ve given myself today off from domestic duties as I have a nice lot of meaty edibles to last … and the sweet stuff, well that may be tomorrow/bake


  2. I do love your gift.
    Quiet here. However, when I go out into the front garden, people passing by smile and say a few words. People who in the past would have driven by, or walked past without a word. We are all in this together, and I enjoy the reaching out I have seen. I hope it continues when the immediate fears dissapate.


    1. I’m seeing people walk down our street who I’ve never seen before EC. I didn’t know there were so many dogs in the neighbourhood
      Mind you the park is just down the road so it looks like they’re takings short cut 😊


  3. Lovely murals in the park. I like the shortbread egg, so pretty.
    We had a very hot Easter weekend, I bought a chocolate egg for my husband and a colleague gave me a chocolate egg. Otherwise it was a normal day, and I just made Rice pudding for dinner and spent the weekend painting furniture.
    Thanks for contributing Cathy.


    1. The shortbread egg was delish Sami. I might ask my friend to make me some more 😊
      I also ‘love’ rice pudding – haven’t made/tasted it for quite a while. . Now we have the time to experiment in the kitchen it may be on my to do list next week!


  4. Today was lovely and sunny
    We got lots done and we even went to a nursery to buy some plants
    I’ve been home for so long it was a huge treat lol


  5. Here in north west Tasmania we have just had an even tighter lockdown! From midnight last night – what an ending to Easter Sunday! Hubby and I are spending our days in a house with four 22 year olds so our Easter did turn into a bit of a party with drinks and Wii competitions but at least we are not bored!!
    Hope you had a lovely time regardless of lockdowns 🙂


    1. We heard all about the dinner party Evi😊 Such a big rise in positive results – Will the hospital closures affect you at all?
      It was all quiet in our house with just the two of us. Did some exercises to try and get the body going aka lose some of those kgs I’m putting on from all that eating I’m doing. No wii comps though😊


      1. Haha yes it seems the nurses were having a party as well!!! No, none of us are in need of any hospitals so we won’t notice it but hubby is not so happy about Bunnings closing 😉
        The Wii comps turned into a not so smart form of exercise because I have a very sore shoulder today from all the golf and bowling lol – it was worth it though as I beat the 2 young blokes both times!!!!


  6. When my later brother and I were kids…we received the sugar Easter eggs…chocolate ones weren’t as popular or as prevalent back then as they are these days.

    When I was a teenager every Easter my girlfriends and I spent at the coast…surfing, sun-baking and going to the record hops in the evenings. 🙂

    Take good care, Cathy…best wishes. 🙂


    1. Hello Lee. Lovely to see you
      We all have special memories of Easter don’t we. At primary school during the week leading up there was the fun of an Easter bonnet parade. Mothers had to rustle up ‘pretty hats’ for the girls out of nothing.
      Take care – see you again some time


  7. We were lucky to get eggs this year. For some reason they have been in short supply. Fortunately a family down the road has them in a little refrigerator with an honor system pay tin so we didn’t have to interact with other people. (although that is one of the regular joys of buying direct usually.)


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