Sunday Selections – A walk in the park….

I hadn’t been up to the nearby park for a couple of months so took a wander round there last Wednesday instead of walking the streets.  With many winding paths to choose from you could move around without bumping into too many people. Had to keep social distancing in mind so if I did come across anyone it was a quick smile or a wave and we were both on our way in different directions.

There were lots of walkers out with big dogs

Lots of them out with little dogs.

Some with children (and dollies) as well as dogs.

And some with children but no dogs 😊

Dogs on their own with their owners nearby.  I do believe this is the same Border Collie I saw last time, taking a dip in the very same spot.

And there was one lonely dad having a break from his exercise – looked like he was making the most out of being the one left ‘holding the baby’ for the day.

Sadly there was nobody in the playground😥

I read that outdoor exercise has been banned in France between 10am – 7pm due to growing concerns over the current coronavirus pandemic.  Jogging and cycling allowed people to stray far from home and had to be stopped – we (in Australia) are lucky it’s still possible for walkers of all shapes and sizes and ages (and breeds) to be out and about during those times.

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Selections – A walk in the park….

  1. Very lovely park to walk through. You are lucky to have nice weather. It is still cold here and we had a bit of snow last night but it has melted. No we are not to have visitors or family over for Easter or one would be fined. The RCMP are allowed to knock on your door if there are too many cars around or they see a lot of people around. Everyone has been very good about staying home. I really don’t think our world will ever be the same. I know I won’t be shaking anyone’s hand for a long time. Have a happy Easter.


    1. The same for the police here Germaine. Very hefty fines for those caught. Neighbours dobing in neighbours is becoming common as well. ‘If I can’t do it why should they’!


    1. Sometimes I find the local streets too hilly and for ease of walking (even though it’s not actually ‘flat’) use the park. I think there are many who would have severe mental health problems if we were restricted to our premises Diane.


    1. there was a lot of talk here about how far/long you take a walk…and what was classed as your local neighbourhood. You could get in your car, and drive to a close by place, if you neighbourhood was difficult.

      Apparently, you can only go for about 1 hour – there and back, unless you are elderly and cannot walk fast.

      Cycling is not banned but it’s seen as a danger, what say you have to rescued because you fell or caused someone else an accident.

      Emergency services to be kept at minimum.

      I’m not currently walking out much at all, my health threw a bit of a wobbly and in my “home alone bubble” I have to keep up with edibles…etc.

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      1. Luckil We’re not restricted by time Cathy but place/suburb. My sister who lives in Cyprus is restricted to 1 hour outside-and must almost get permission – having to fill in a form letting officials know where she’s going


    2. There would have been a lot more there if the playground had been ‘open’ Viv. There were lots of adult walkers (with and without dogs) but not many children which was surprising because it was school holidays. Online learning will take the place of regular classes from next week so maybe (as parents become more frazzled) there’ll be more running around or on their bikes then

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  2. It’s a nice looking park. I can feel my blood pressure rising and the kilos going on as I don’t get out and about as usual. I must make more of an effort. Is the uniform for young men in your area a black cap, a white tee and black shorts?


  3. Here in Costa Rica the police are kept busy tracking down groups going for picnics on the river banks and by waterfalls…no bans on exercise as such, but a lot of social pressure to stay at home. Which is all very well if you have a large garden, but not so easy for people where several generations live together in quite crowded accommodation…I can see the tempation to picnic.


    1. We are lucky we are still allowed to move away from our homes Elizabeth. Yes seeing a wave or smile seems to make this more bearable however there were some who walked on by without acknowledging me.

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