What am I going to do with that…..

Thoughts on Shopping during these Stressful Times

Don’t buy more than you need – leave some for others!

But there may not be any there next time I shop

~ ~ ~ ~

If your preferred brand is not available try another instead

No thanks, been there – done that!  Will do without until it is available.

~ ~ ~ ~

I mentioned to The Golfer that there were no boxes of my ‘preferred’ brand of bran flakes with fruit on the supermarket shelves.

A couple of days later he came back from Costco with a big smile on his face.  “I bought you a present – don’t worry they were part of this weeks  specials.”

I only put half a cup of cereal in my bowl

That is a very large 1.7kg (3.75lb) box of a non preferred brand of the cereal.

And do you know his answer to my question…….Eat it of course!

I really shouldn’t let him loose on his own 😊

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  1. looks to me like an excuse to bake some cakes or cookies with the cereal…or use it in “bliss balls” or what they new fangled things are.

    a number of items coming into my house at this time, I’ve had to bite the bullet and use…a type of sliced toast bread is the main one…and I know I will use it, already found that it’s edible if I do xyz to it…

    except that I gifted to U2 man last night a cucumber – as it and I are not best buddies. One would have thought from his gratitude that I had given him a gold bar!

    I’m seeing this time, as new challenge. Especially since I don’t cook a wide range of foods…so the food box came with meat – I do eat meat, but some I haven’t experienced before…


    1. Your new neighbour was obviously quite pleased with your housewarming gift. Not quite the same as a bottle of booze but seemingly acceptable just the same 😎


  2. Hello Cathy, I’ve just stopped by from a ‘quiet life in Suffolk’ and I see you are also in Australia! I’m in Tas but have a son not too far from you in Vic.
    I had a read through a few of your past posts and noticed you’d bought wool from Spotlight – when my daughter popped in to look for wool here in Tassie, there was none!! I guess everyone is looking for something to craft with!!! Anyway we bought some from their online store even though I hate paying the extra shipping 😦
    Lovely to see a fellow Aussie blogger – I’m sure there used to be more of us but like many, I fell off the wagon so to speak and have just dusted off my musings and started again now that I’m totally home based!
    Looking forward to stopping by more regularly, take care

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    1. Hello Evi. It’s lovely to see new visitors dropping into the blog and hope you come back to visit again.
      Yes Spotlight is like a second home at times but I do have to ease off for a while now and use up more of the big stash I already have. Luckily these days my knitting consists of baby/children woollies for charity and they don’t take long at all.


  3. There are a number of those sort of items in our cupboards. Bought by the other resident because they ‘looked interesting’. Over the coming weeks/months perhaps I will use some of them and hope they are not replaced when his shopoholic self has free reign again.

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  4. Well. I think the golfer is going to have lots of cereal in his future lol
    Yup. Try to find ways to bake using it up. Although I do like this brand of cereal id get through it quick enough


  5. We wiping, blowing, sneezing and eating all sorts of things we are not use to. Cereal was short so I bought a small box of Weet Bix. I prefer Aldi Wheat Biscuits, but a couple of days ago I bought a large packet of Vita Brits. instead of Aldi Balanced Right I am eating Uncle Toby’s version, but there is now stock of the Aldi cereal. Bought our usual large box of Kellog’s Corn Flakes. Cereal seems to be ok now. It was a kind thought by The Golfer.

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    1. Maybe I’ve grown set in my ways Andrew – like you it’s the housebrand version I prefer but will eat this one rather than waste it. The other thing I don’t/won’t eat are other brands of baked beans. It’s Heinz all the way for me 😊


  6. I guess you have to take what they have left. He probably thought it was a better buy. Lol!
    We are having snow of all things. I will be happy if things would ever get back to normal but with this scare I don’t think I want to shake hands with anyone for a long time. I


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