Sometimes we do the strangest things….

Lots of different jokes/cartoons/memes are turning up and doing the rounds on social media all designed to make you smile and take your mind off this ghastly pandemic we’re trying to cope with


But it was a text from a friend the other day that really did have me laughing.  A friend who like me will defer ignore  just not do housework  in order to read or craft instead.

Oh Cathy, she said.  I’m turning into one of those people!

It’s 10am…. The beds are made, dishes done, washing is on the line….I’ve even sorted out the cutlery drawer. This virus is doing me in.  I think about housework before knitting.  I even cooked !  Tell me you haven’t changed 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Those people refers to a couple of very houseproud mutual friends)

So I gently reassured her the panicky  ‘what if I take sick and there’s a load of dishes in the sink’ worry would disappear and all would return to normal.  No way was I going to admit I’d put my books and knitting away last week so I could to clean the windows and tidy up the linen cupboard 😎


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  1. at first, I had looked at all the “mainly arty things” I was being challenged to do, online. People were taking the time, to pretend they were at an artist’s retreat – finish things they started xyz time ago, get on with learning something, and in some cases joined online challenges where you make to a theme, and post the results.

    all seemed like a doable “thing” to me and I gallantly got started…

    but then it wasn’t a closet or a cutlery drawer that upset me – but the fact, I was still trying to do what I normally do “make art” – at my speed, etc. Then I felt I was somehow trapped that I was letting folk down, some from online, some real time. AND then it happened my primary health issue that has no medication except self-management “flipped the ON switch” and I struggling, tumbling big time.

    there was the added complication that I couldn’t just out and top up food supplies…they weren’t dwindling but I would go to the kitchen and be bewildered on what to eat. I had however sorted out some readymade meals but they weren’t due to come until end of that week…

    I FINALLY SAID “no can do this…” and I’ve backed off big time!

    I took myself in hand…told myself, that I was more VIP – I’ve found an additional food delivery company and that’s coming Thursday – and it looks like a good one. I said to myself, it it’s run out here, you probably don’t need it…and in a way I do, but I can wait for when we are back to “NORMAL SERVICE”

    and I’m back to making art at my speed…not worrying to much if it ends up back in the WIP pile, as truly the only one seeing anything here are the delivery people and the new tenant in U2 (who moved in the day before lockdown and is an essential worker, so he’s gone M-F )


  2. I do rather love that first one – I bet Bunnings is doing a roaring trade 🙂

    It’s been interesting to watch all of this from a distance. I’m an Australian (so keep up with Aussie news) but I live in Sweden, where they have not gone into lockdown, there are no restrictions, kindys, schools, shops, bars and restaurants remain open and it’s pretty much business as usual. It’s all rather surreal.

    I rather despair as they seem to still be wanting to handle it via committee planning and trusting in the people to “do the right thing” – silly people. Out of the three Scandinavian countries, Sweden has the highest death rate by far, as well as the most people infected and we keep moving up the charts, like it is some sick pop tune. 😦


  3. I’ve always left the kitchen clean and the bed made. But there’s only one of me in a very small house.


  4. Funny about that…I seem to have done more housework over the past couple of weeks, too….even this morning!! This has to stop!! 🙂

    Take good care, Cathy…stay safe and well…and stop all that housework nonsense!! 🙂


  5. I don’t know that I’ve turned into one of those people just yet. But I am cooking more and everyday I try to do one big thing before I’m allowed to sit and do my crafting lol
    I just remind myself. That this too shall pass


  6. I have turned into one of those people, but only because the woman I usually pay to clean our home can’t come in. I am now REALLY appreciating her! I will have to give her a raise.


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