Changing minds…

Another dismal start to the day!

Looking at the weights and bands on the table this morning I had a little smile when I remembered trying to persuade The Golfer a couple of weeks ago that even though his DVA gym session had been ‘closed’ he could still do it at home.

I already had some of the equipment and a daughter passed on some heavier stuff her husband ‘had gone off’ but he wasn’t interested.

Oh well, your loss I said forgetting my ‘bite your tongue’ resolution 😋

The sessions were on a Monday, today is Monday, and what do I see?

Mr Universe in the making!  


7 thoughts on “Changing minds…

  1. At least he is doing it. Looks nice there. We have sun today but it is still cool enough to wear a jacket. I am going for a walk later but other then that watch the news to see how much damage this darn virus is doing. Praying it will end soon.


  2. Good on You, for putting it out there. Hope he keeps it up.
    Aren’t males just so darn funny (as in funny peculiar) and they talk about us!


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