It had to happen sometime I suppose…

The question was – when?

With the skies looking like this earlier today and the temperature not much better,



it was time for me to finally accept Autumn has arrived!

While I’ve been absent over the past few weeks I’ve coped with – persistent headaches, insomnia, back pain that reappeared, a sister having chemotherapy, this awful ongoing worldwide coronavirus epidemic, attempting to shop in the designated ‘elderly/vulnerable hour’, don’t you hate that description (gave that up and reverted to sensible times with sensible people),  discovering that after the golf course was closed having The Golfer here all day everyday was not my idea of a happy retirement – which then necessitated me .learning a new skill…..called Learning to Bite my Tongue 😊

Our life has not been turned upside down in the way it has for so many, the sun may have not shone today…..and weren’t the warm sunny days of last week just glorious…..but it will return.

We all know (and hopefully understand) the restrictions on our lives are for our own good… time the libraries, gyms, pools, cafes, theatres, beaches, and much much more  will reopen – choir rehearsals,  book clubs, volunteer commitments will happen again – and the golfers and fishers will be happy again.

The question is – when?  Only time will tell I suppose.

Bye for now – See you next week


(who is feeling much better physically but like everybody else is emotionally drained at the moment).

And yes I know the photos don’t open/enlarge/enbiggen……I’m still trying to work out why,  might need to spend some of my $750 pensioner grant on a new iPad- well the government is saying we’re to go out and spend it….so spend it I shall 😎

11 thoughts on “It had to happen sometime I suppose…

  1. I am glad you are feeling better on the physical front. Very glad.
    Good luck with the blog maintenance. And hooray for spending some government money. They are usually much quicker to take it away (and with luck I might even get some on the next go-round).


  2. Oh yes. Summer is really gone.
    Not being able to swim or meet my friends for therapy sessions at the cafe is hard. But not as hard as being in hospital with this virus.
    I’m glad your feeling better and I hope your sister is feeling ok with the chemo
    As we work from home, and working primarily on primary producers vehicles we can keep going for now


  3. We are slowly rising into spring here in Canada. Glad to hear you are feeling physically better!
    I for one am relieved to be isolated and safe, so is Attila, who is laid off work, although finding a way to get food in has become very difficult, but changes day to day, so we remain hopeful, and not hungry yet. We do not risk going to the grocery stores, or any stores, but may be forced into taking risks as this pandemic wears on. One hopes some sort of infrastructure will emerge as the situation worsens. There is one local chap who advertises local deliveries for $5, but he is probably swamped. The lineups in the cold rain to get into the grocery stores are daunting, online order and pick up are booked until late April, so one cannot shop online anymore… no one expected this, no one was prepared.
    Where our recreational property is, there are community groups delivering groceries to quarantined people, and seniors, and the disabled, but where we live there are no services at all except the senior’s shopping hour.
    Stay safe!


  4. I guess we are all in the same boat no matter where we live or what country we live in. At least they have grocery stores open 7:00 a.m until 8:00 for seniors and we are to wipe off all groceries when we come home. I haven’t been out except a week ago I went for a walk around the neighborhood. We are to walk in our own neighborhood no walking parks open or just grocery and pharmarcies open. If the police see more then 2 people in a car they can stop you and if you are not living at the same address you are fined. They are trying their best to get this gone. I hope this never comes again. Schools are closed and employment is stopped unless you are working in a hospital, fire dept, police but not open to the public. Stay safe and hopefully this will leave as fast as it came.


  5. Very glad that things have improved on the physical side…otherwise things really would be unbearable.
    Rainy season started here, draconian restrictions for Holy Week to try to stop people gathering…but we’ve lived in each other’s pockets for more years than i like to contemplate, given Leo’s long term health issues so I expect we can just carry on doing just that.


  6. Hi Cathy, I’m glad your body is feeling better and I’m sorry you can’t support your sister more (if she is near you). I’ve only been at home for 3 weeks but already I appreciate every public service and entertainment so much more. I hope you’ll be able to keep your spirits up as the weather cools off. I don’t mean to be flippant, but have you considered adopting a new cat – or have you decided no more pets?


  7. Good to hear from you again. Yes, the pictures don’t enlarge, but perhaps that’s for the best, cold and rainy as they are.


  8. That sounds like a pretty rough time you have been having, so I really hope it it getting better now. Oh, I know that Bite-your-tongue habit – sometimes I practiced it a lot! Take care and stay safe, Mxx


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