Smiles Screams and Sighs…

Yes,  it’s been a week filled with them

Smiles when driving to the gym at cars slowing down the let a Mumma Duck and her brood  cross the road…..Screams when a young red P plater zoomed past, obviously ‘upset’ with having to slow down and wait.

Smiles as I approached the gym thinking about the plan I’d put into action ……..Sighs when I realised how many had arrived before me – a fullish carpark reminded me schools were open again and all the mum’s were allowed out lol

Smiles early in the week as I filled the fuel tank in the car thinking I’d just snuck in at the low end of the price cycle….Sighs this morning as I see the price is even lower

Smiles at the park when I saw the council had finally erected a barrier at the duck pond …..Sighs when I looked back, 

No ducks to be seen but an off leash Collie ‘frolicking’ in the water.  Wondered where my peace loving Wordless Wednesday duck had gone.

Smiles for the lovely sunny days and coolish sleepable nights we’ve been having….Sighs for the smoke haze noticeable during a couple of them……Sadness for EC and others who are still coping with fires in their areas plus the horrendous effects of smoke produced from them.

Smiles for being able to schedule blog posts ……Sighs from electricity outages and interrupted internet supplies…..even more Sighs over the fact the connection to NBN is coming closer and closer and wading through ISP information (or lack of it) is no longer a laughing matter.  No smiling politely at friends from other suburbs who were confused with it all – we are now in their shoes and it’s not funny anymore!

Smiles as I rounded a bend  in the park thinking how much I enjoyed this little spot, where the windy paths go up the hill a bit and where I often pause to take a photo…..

Screams as I’m lining up to take another one and a cyclist zoomed past, nearly sending me flying.  Caught him in the act and fumed all the way home!

So how has your week been?

Any Smiles Screams or Sighs??

12 Replies to “Smiles Screams and Sighs…”

  1. Definite sighs here.
    No rain to speak of (2mm) despite the weather boffin’s generous predictions. And the fires still burn out of control.
    And not precisely screams but definitely some pointed words spoken to our politicians any time they appear on screen.
    Smiles at the bookfair where I purchased rather a lot of books.


  2. Low petrol price near Mother’s. Only needed half a tank. Four cents off from fuel card that came with then new car and another four cents off from Linkt, formerly City Link.

    Power cuts? That should not be the norm.

    To our surprise we are not connected to the NBN but TPG/IINet fibre optic cable that runs along our street. Now a company called Pineapple is offering even better, but we will stick with what we have, fast enough for us. We receive letters from NBN telling us our internet connection will be cut off. I don’t think so.

    You need to carry a stick to put into the spokes of a cyclist’s wheels and make him go over the handlebars, but you will have to run away quickly.


    1. Lol If I carry a stick Andrew I’ll attract every dog in the park – of which there are loads. It’s a favourite spot for them a their owners.


    1. It’s amazing how blue skies and sunshine affects our moods Cathy. I hope you keep smiling for quite a while, yes it’s ‘your turn’ for Spring however if it’s anything like the one we had it was non existent. Lets just say Winter outstayed it’s welcome!


  3. Smiles when the kitchen is sparkling clean, screams when someone else messes it up, then sighs because that is what makes a house a home and I don’t really mind it.


    1. Oh I know that cycle well Margaret. It’s like cooking cakes – smiles seeing them cooling, scream when someone pinches one then sighs because that’s why they were cooked in the first place 😊


  4. mostly smiles here last week, as I pottered around either here or out and about, of course NO RAIN – not even the usual February 5 min wonder (downpour) when there is high humidity. It’s not much humidity to speak of, just sun, sun and more sun Of course this morning Monday is overcast and the heat hasn’t arrived but nor has any rain…


    1. The rain hasn’t reached our house either – seems to have fancied parts much more northerly than us. NSW is in flood also parts of Qld. Maybe tomorrow.
      Good to know you got all your bedding dry!


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