7 Random Facts…

Today is the 7th of  February 

and for Fun Friday

I thought I’d just tell you 7 random facts about Me

  • I have lived for more than 1 year in 6 different countries, 5 of those were before the age of 30. I have lived for more than 6 months in 20 houses.
  • I have travelled thousands and thousands of miles by air and am still petrified of flying.  Lots of tension on days before flights – don’t even look at me before take off but funnily once in the air it all disappears till the next takeoff.
  • I was 35 before I got my drivers licence.  I didn’t really need it until I went back to work after raising the children as wherever I lived there was always a bus at the end of the street.
  • In a previous life I was a registered breeder of Burmese and Balinese cats. DH still talks of the day he went to work and the feline population tripled. Six cats in the household when he left, 2 queens kittened on the same day delivering 12 kittens between them. Eighteen ‘cats’ when he came home. This happened several times but that particular day has stuck in his memory.
  • I love to tap dance. Took classes as a child and then in later life  joined adult classes ….where we had end of year concerts. Fun – Fun – Fun
  • I love to watch all sports except Soccer (can’t stand it) bit if a shame as one of my Irish cousins played for Manchester United and Northern Ireland a while ago.
  • I’d  hoped one day to Walk to the top of Australia – or at least take the chair ride most of the way.  Each year for quite a while now I’ve talked about doing this or a similar walk but sadly once again the parks are closed because of bushfires in the area.

How about you – would you like to share 7 facts about yourself?

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    1. I wouldn’t say they were a handful- there were busy times and quiet times. The adults were different ages so had different needs (and habits) Little kittens are in the pen with mum to begin with then are allowed ‘out’ to socialise with the others and get to know all the household noises so they are confident when they get to their new homes.
      Lots of fun!

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  1. 1. I was a short person until I was 15 when I grew eight inches in a year (and a couple more the next year).
    2. Swimming (sans wetsuit) in Antarctica is a treasured memory.
    3 .I have enough earrings to wear a different pair each day for a couple of years.
    4. I am far too dull to warrant seven facts.


    1. Oh EC 8ins in one year! How many times did your hems have to be let down ?
      Those are three great facts and one big unbelievable one!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Cathy. This is very interesting. 🙂

    I’ve been sharing a fair bit on my own blog…about me…so I might leave it at that, for now! lol


    1. I’ve been following your Italian interlude with interest Lee – jealousy maybe:)
      You’ve certainly been entertaining us…..keep on keeping on writing it all down. Looking forward to next weeks episode!


    1. We all live our lives in different ways Andrew. I can’t tell you how many times I wished I didn’t have to pack up and move but having a father and husband both in the RAF my wishing it wasn’t going to stop it happening.
      Retirement often has a way of making us think life is dull – nothing to do and all day to do it etc etc. So maybe it’s time to surprise yourself- do something totally out of character – ‘undull’ yourself:)


  3. 1) I graduated with a BA in Sociology from the University of Hawaii.
    2) I taught English in Thailand for 10 months.
    3) I bummed around Europe for 3 months.
    4) I am a trained violinist.
    5) I am a published author.
    6) I am a retired radio commentator.
    7) I am a wife, mother and grandmother.


    1. Wow that’s quite a list Gigi. You certainly embraced life and all the good things that were available. I’m sure there’s more to come as well 😊


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