This week….

Has been a funny old weekHot – Cool…….Wet – Dry.

Windy with firebans….Stormy with hailstones as big as golf balls

There was time spent in garage trying to take an inventory  trying to sort out the mountain of knitting wool I have in boxes out there. I’m torn between using all the odd half balls to make something striped or use them as a second colour along side some full balls.  Trouble is you have to almost look at the whole lot at the same time – have the ‘stuff’ in front of you so the ideas can form.

So, indoors It all came …..where I was more comfortable…..and I actually came up with something.  I’ll show you when it’s finished  😊

Then of course having signed up at the gym I needed to work out the best time to go and an action plan of what to do when I was there.  I teamed up again with a lovely trainer (Shona) who’ll be a great help where the back is concerned.  But then there’s all this extra weight to be considered – losing that will be a step in the right direction.

Walking is gentle exercise they say – do it on the treadmill as a warm up…..trouble is it’s when I’m walking that my ‘disability’ makes itself known so it’s the bike….trouble is my spine feels compressed perched on a seat like that…. so it’s on to that lovely invention The Recumbent Bicycle.  Exercising in a relaxed seated position felt quite strange to begin with but alls good now 😎

More time spent looking for dead people ancestors brought more discoveries.  My father’s paternal line arrived in Ireland in the 1700s as Palatine migrants seeking a ‘more peaceful life’.  Then over the years so many of those settlers moved on, escaping the hardships of life in their adopted country , to other newer countries who were also opening their doors to people seeking a better life.

I had a little chuckle when a ‘cousin’ sent me the cat cartoon.  I spent one afternoon clearing out a lot of pedigrees….not human pedigrees…but ones from my kitten breeding days.   I decided it was time to clear out all the related paperwork I used to supply to new owners because if I go before The Golfer neither he nor the children will want that extra burden, so it was ‘walk down memory lane’ and then toss into the recycling bin.  May have to start on all the cat/kitten photos some time 😊

That’s a little look at the fun times I had this week.

How was yours?  Did you have fun too?

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  1. The weather has been weird here too. Very weird. We have had heat, we have had (a little) rain. We have had wind. And dust. And hail (three family members now have damaged cars and need to replace windscreens).
    Congratulations on the start of your exercising journey. I need to get back to swimming. I really need to get back to it.


    1. Slow but steady is going to win the race this time EC.
      Water work at the pool will come a little later – one indoor pool is closed for maintenance, the other has been closed because smoke infiltrated it’s air con system last week!


    1. Lol Margaret- Melbourne is well known for having four seasons in one day but recently the range of temperatures and conditions have been very unusual.


  2. I still don’t like that weather of yours, down under. Looking forward to your yarn creation, however.


    1. I don’t think any of us down here like it either Joanne 😊
      The little garment is about half done/finished…’s not going to take that long so I’ll probably be towards the end of next week when I take a photo and post it


  3. Palantine sent me to the electric dictionary. Like you I have been clearing out old papers of no interest to anyone else. Haha, known in Sweden as ‘death cleaning ‘, so a blogmate informed me.


    1. Death cleaning – not sure I like that expression Andrew. Leaving a tidy house is more to my liking – because then friends and family will ‘smile’ and say ‘there’s a first time for everything’. Tidy is ‘not’ what I’m known for 😊


  4. during the high period of your bush fires and the orange haze and smoke drifting across the ditch to NZ, our weather wasn’t like summer at all. There were some nights where I was tempted to get the heaters out…

    then bingo Aussie started to see rain and apparently it got a bit cold AND finally summer got underway here…scorching days, easy to get clothing washed and dried, my little garden pots haven’t quite withered away but I did bring my parsley up onto porch so I can gift it some water quickly…

    I too joined a gym on Jan 2nd, taking a 6 week challenge, I’m about 1/2 way through…there has been issues with me and the “gear” – I can’t sit on the bikes, and some other sitting isn’t to my Sciatica liking either. I can’t “push” through on some things…but I’m doing better in some ways. I had thought I had moved S***ica on a bit, I’ve certainly been taking less pain meds…but today, Sat, took off on a trip across down, oops meds required in a store, where I put down the shopping basket on the floor and could hardly reach down to pick up it again…

    My ART stash is not in a garage, although some is still in the shed – I keep working at making a dent, but some of the things in the above shopping basket – are art supplies!!!

    but life is meant to be interesting, even entertaining – not necessarily at our expense…

    One of the things I find difficult at my particular gym is the mirrors – wall upon wall of them. I don’t like looking at me “much” …. I try to imagine they aren’t there, until someone I know says to me “you’ve looking good” ooops or the trainer says “look in the mirror, now see how your aren’t upright”….I am actually upright, it appears that part of my stance is starting to lean sideways, I’ve never noticed it – maybe because I rarely look in full length mirrors!!!


    1. Lol Cathy It’s a pain when we can’t do what we want to do because of pain isn’t it – but we have to keep on keeping on if we’re going to get anything done.
      I’m in agreement with you on – life is meant to be interesting – routine and regular I certainly am not


  5. January is always a great time to look at your stash and decide what to do with it
    I’ve been using up my fabric stash and I’ve made a quite a few Christmas presents. So I’ve got a good head start on that this year
    Can’t wait to see what your going to make with all your yarn


    1. Good on ya Angela – that’ll take a load off your mind. We don’t do actual gifts so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about.
      I’m determined to make a very large dent in the wool this year – and stay away from Spotlight!!


  6. I have swallowed whole afternoons on Ancestry, one’s very own mystery story, love it. Oh yes what to do with the paper and wool stash….. know that feeling too. Lovely post.

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